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2 Questions: Do you think the Sixers will trade Thad Young and who do you think the Sixers are planning to draft next year? Im thinking either Stanley Johnson or Kelly Oubre since they already have Noel and Embiid.

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There is a lot that needs to

There is a lot that needs to happen before we start discussing who the 76ers draft next year..such as the entire season.

I think the 76ers would trade Thaddeus Young if they found a deal that really benefits them, but otherwise I think they want to hang onto him for the time being.

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76er fans are starting to

76er fans are starting to grow tireless of Sam Hinkie's "plan", the awful roster was supposed to be turned upside down this offseason with a strong draft and diligent signings. Instead, he picked 2 guys in the first round who won't play this season and his biggest free agent acquisition was Pierre Jackson.

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It's unfair to assume all

It's unfair to assume all fans are growing tireless of what's going on with Philadelphia. I was at the draft sitting in a section with about 75-100 Sixers fans, and many of them seemed to actually favor what Hinkie was doing.

I personally think it's exciting. Carter-Williams is definitely a starting point guard in the league and Noel played very well in the summer league. For the 2015-16 season, there will be Embiid (became consensus top pick prior to the injury) and possibly Saric, plus another lottery pick. Watching these picks develop over time and hopefully become a championship contender would be real fun to watch.

I'm sure there are some fans who hate it, some who love it, and some who fall somewhere in between.

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I'm still hanging in

with Hinkies plan. I still go back to what he originally said when he came on board 14 or so months ago, it's going to take a long time. While I don't like that Noel didn't play last year and Saric may not come over for a few years, the Holiday trade could end up turning the franchise around. He gets Noel, Saric, their own first back from the Bynum deal and Orlando's 2 in 2015. Embiid would have been tough to pass on. Would I have been disappointed if he took players @ 3 and 10 that would have helped this year ? No, but I love that he's swinging for the fence. I will say it seemed appropriate to me to try to add a long term piece this summer in free agency. I don't buy that he's afraid the team will improve too much and significantly lower their draft spot next year. This team is going to be horrible either way. I can only conclude that Hinkies didn't see a piece he liked in free agency this summer. Let's try to be patient, the ceiling on Hinkie's plan could be higher than we've seen for the sixers in decades.

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I hope they get a scorer

I hope they get a scorer and/or shooter at the SG/SF spots. After taking Nerlens and Embiid, I will be very annoyed if they draft someone like Karl Towns... though I wouldn't put it past them.

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I just saw Hezonja...

And he's our guy! They say we're going the San An route so why not?

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It definitely isnt the Spurs

It definitely isnt the Spurs route. The were been built by late first round picks and late second round picks and 2 first overall picks, as now the only player the sixers have who fits that is Mcrae who was the 58th pick in the most recent draft and they dont really have many foreign guys on their roster or drafted and stashed other than saric, maybe more, but not many.

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I'm a Sixers season ticket

I'm a Sixers season ticket holder, so I want to say that although I was hoping for a better team this year I don't have any problems with this offseason. Yes the Embiid pick will have some upset but who had more upside at #3? Exum has major upside but with his age and level of competition and the fact he will be doing it in a new country at that age, he wouldn't have the Sixers in any better position other than that he would be playing in games this year. Guys like Randle, Gordon, Vonleh, and Smart are nice but not the level of upside you want after such a bad season of tanking. Then at #10(well 12) they think Saric has the most potential. Who would be better? McDermott wasn't a great fit for the system, Payton doesn't fit with MCW, and TJ Warren isn't a great fit for system or personnel. As for FA's, why sign them when you know you need to spend another year tanking for a high pick, especially with your top picks not playing this year. Signing mid level FAs would hurt the draft spot and potentially cost them their 1st round pick which would be gone via trade if they made the playoffs and making the playoffs in the East wouldn't be out of the question with MCW, Thad, Noel, and 1-2 mid level FA's

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76ers gotta get Mario Hezonja

76ers gotta get Mario Hezonja next year and their starting lineup is complete. Playing in FC Barcelona, it won't be that hard a transition for him to the NBA. He will be contribute right away which is what the 6ers need because I do not think anyone in the right mind with be OK with 3 straight tanking seasons lol.

With him, they got their scorer along with Embiid. Noel and Embiid again will be the defensive stoppers, while MCW and Saric will be the playmakers and orchestrators for the team. Then, they could fill up their bench with all their cap space. 76er fans must be pretty damn excited for next year.

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