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I am very happy that they have the 2nd pick.. Evan turner i believe will be the best "overall" player to come out of this draft, and in likelyhood we are going to get him.. i dont believe that wash will not take wall, I believe they are already in negotiations with wall's camp to draft him. Turner is the scorer that we need cause iggy is not a #1 offensive piece. On a good team he is a 3rd option. We may trade iggy to get rid of his contract. I have no problem with that and hopefully we can do the same thing with sammy d, however with only one year left on his contract, i think we will have to keep him for 1 more year. We do have another annoying contract in brands but If we can get rid of iggy for another young piece i think this team will be headed in the right direction. Assuming we draft turner and trade iggy our lineup would go as

SF-T. Young
PF- Brand
C- Dalembert


Lou Williams
Willie Green (hope hes gone)
Jason Smith

if we get a young piece for iggy (hopefully) a shooter.. u can throw him in there and there will be much cap room with iggy off and sammy d coming off after the end of the year.. then we can sign a good free agent and hopefully stefanski doesnt make the mistake he did last time when he signed brand instead of josh smith

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iggy to the Twolves for AL

iggy to the Twolves for AL JEFFERSON.... Sammy D (11mil) + kapono (7 mil) will free up 18 mil in cap space the following yr....

I like this idea slightly more...

PG - Jrue
SG - Turner
SF - thad
PF - Al jefferson
C- dalembert

Bench - Carney, Kapono, jason smith, willie green, lou williams, speights, brand.

Lou and speights first two off the bench...Sammy and thad come out. Turner moves to the 3, Lou in as a combo guard (jrue has size to cover the 2's), and speights to the 4, rotate AL jefferson to the 5...

Wishful thinking, but i dont see why this cant happen... Thad or iggy have to go, and we can get the most for iggy now! Packaging sammy with iggy is an option, but i prefer to let Sammy expire on our tm. If we move him let it be before the deadline when tms are willing to give the most to make a playoff push! i know we owe brand a ton of money, but unless he shows something this yr (1 full yr removed from any injury), its about time we man up, realize we made a mistake and let Speights go through his growing pains with serious playing time.!

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No I see the sixers trading

No I see the sixers trading Thad Young & Dalembert(12m) to the T-wolves for AL Jeff
PG Holiday
SG Turner
SF Iggy
PF Brand
C AL Jeff

Bench : Lou Will, Speights, Kapono,Green,J.Smith,Carney,Meeks

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either or... one has got to

either or... one has got to go..

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