Siva not signed by pistons

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Siva not signed by pistons

The Detroit Pistons finally signed two of their 2013 draft picks, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (No. 8 overall) and Tony Mitchell (No. 37 overall), on Friday,and more than likely won't be signing PG Peyton Siva. according to

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I only watched Siva in one SL game, but he looked very in control and his D was impressive. My thought was that he looked like a legit #2 pg that could stick in the NBA. I'm really surprised by this. I hope the Jazz pick him up.

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they still hold his rights

They plan for him to go overseas.

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What else did they want from

What else did they want from him? He proved to be a tenacious playmaker on defense while facilitating on offense. Who cares if he didn't score in double figures? The points he did tally were put up with solid efficiency. Very surprised they didn't sign him.

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They didn't sign him because

They didn't sign him because they resigned Will Bynum and also brought in Chauncey Billups. It's a shame though because he can become a solid back up.

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after they resigned chauncey

after they resigned chauncey i kind of figured that siva wouldnt make it.. he's good, but he's not as good as bynum, billups, or knight.

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Pretty sure Dumars has been quoted as saying they want to retain his rights, either by getting him experience overseas or in the D-League.

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what makes anyone think that

what makes anyone think that siva should be in the nba? nothing about his game has nba in it

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Siva is a fairly replaceable

Siva is a fairly replaceable commodity in the NBA. Little guards who can't score, but know how to run the pick-and-roll are very common. Siva is a solid passer and ball-handler who could be a passable defender at the NBA level, but he has little chance of ever making an NBA rotation. Siva is basically DJ Augustin without a jump shot and even Augustin is a limited player in the NBA.

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