Site is NOW WORKING!! Thank GoodneSS..Becuz i was getting tired of reading about Pierce not knowing who JR Smith is...

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Site is NOW WORKING!! Thank GoodneSS..Becuz i was getting tired of reading about Pierce not knowing who JR Smith is...

It seems that after 2 weeks,this site is back up and running....

With training camps now open and college basketball right around the corner and the site down for 2 weeks and guys posting threads on top of threads, im sure there'll should be alot to talk about....

Calipari said Aaron Harrison has been the team's most impressive player so far ,lets see if he can carry it into the season....

Jordan continues to show his supreme arrogance, saying Kobe stole all his moves and believes The Black Mamba is the only player that could beat him 1 on 1 if both were in their primes....

2 of the nba's biggest divas Wade and Durant are in a feud...

Memphis Tigers has the most talented and deepest backcourt in the nation..

Who will be this year's Victor Oladipo and raise up the draft board?

Alot of people are talking about how big a surprise Memphis Kuran Iverson will be this season......

Can guys like Ian Miller and Josh Smith re-established themselves as nba prospects?

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Thank Kobe the site is back up. I thought my computer was dying.

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Did he just say "Thank Kobe"

Did he just say "Thank Kobe" instead of "Thank God"? hahahah

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Finally! The preseason is

The preseason is starting in 4 days, I'm glad the site will be working for the preseason tip off.

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Finally! So much to talk

Finally! So much to talk the release of 2K14 baby!

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This makes me SOOOOOOOOOO happy.

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Kuran Iverson has always been

Kuran Iverson has always been a top tier talent. If my memory serves me well he was at one point considered a Top 2 player in the nation with Jabari parker when they were rising sophomores. He had always been a 6'8 wing with length that can handle the ball at a high rate and is a smooth athlete with good passing instincts. His stock just took a big hit the following summer in which he had played with shin splints the whole aau period. Which is very hard to do and you risk actually breaking your leg when doing that. His stock began to rise again before he finished High school,that's sort of how he was named a Jordan Brand All American. The kid is still a stud non the less and if he does well at Memphis I wouldn't be surprised because we all knew he was a stud already.

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I missed you guys haha

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Hey guys I just read this:

Hey guys I just read this: Alec Burks has reportedly added six inches to his vertical and gained 11 pounds. Adding 6 inches while also gaining 11 pounds? Impressive, Hope to see that kid break out this season.

This system of replying is odd and the site feels really glitchy but at least it's back to working.

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Paul Pierce

Wait, Paul Pierce doesn't know who J.R. Smith is? What gives?

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Hurrah! Lets get the posts


Lets get the posts going again, just in time for pre-season games tomorrow

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The best news of the week!
I'm watch an interesting game: Olympiacos (Greece) vs Pinheiros/SKY (Brazil) in Barueri, Brazil.
1:19 left in 2nd quarter 30-28 lead for Olympiacos.

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no sir

Sorry but no. There was no interest in this game at all. Olympiakos is my team, we had 22 TOs, and the other team just kept
shooting 3s as soon as they were past the middle of the court. They shot 34 (!!!)
That match was a basketball parody IMO.

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Congrats! Now, back to those


Now, back to those trade ideas...

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Now if only we could get

Now if only we could get those Mock Draft Contest Results...

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I signed in today for the

I signed in today for the first time in about 3 weeks, first thing I saw was McDunkin had posted about 50 new posts, that was my first hint the site was working again.

Still looks like the replies are out of order, but heck I'll take that as long as the site is back to working condition.


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