With the site coming out with there breakout players name someone to watch that they did not.

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With the site coming out with there breakout players name someone to watch that they did not.

I know college basketball is just getting underway but I really think a kid to watch who could play his way into the second round of the draft is Walt Lemon Jr. from Bradley University. He was name to the preseason Cousy watch list but not a lot of people know who this kid is but they will know who is name is by mid-season because he might end up being the leading scorer in the nation. Lemon is a smooth lefty guard that just knows how to score and he scores in bunches. I have been able to watch this kid play the last three years at Bradley and really like his game but he has always been second fiddle to someone else, well that ends this year. He is Bradley's best scoring option and they will need him to score a lot if they want to win. I know its only preseason but he put up 37 in the first game going to the line 27 times and so far has scored 33 points in the second game with time to play. If he has truly improved his jump shot he has a legitimate shot at getting drafted in the second round. He has surprising speed and athleticism and decent enough handle to be a scoring pg. He reminds me a little bit of Salim Stoudamire.
Name someone that you could see playing there way into the draft or into the first round with the year they will have this year.

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I would be very surprised if

I would be very surprised if he was a NBA guy this year but being a WVU fan, I am tickled pink about Eron Harris. 6'3 SG with a great stroke and defensive prowless. In the new NBA, height for guards doesn't seem to be as big of a deal as it used to be. If you can play, there is a spot for you somewhere. He should be exciting if his surrounding cast can be good enough for teams not to focus on him only.

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Cj Wilcox 6'5 guard from UW.

Cj Wilcox 6'5 guard from UW.

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Zach Levine - UCLA Elijah

Zach Levine - UCLA

Elijah Brown - Butler

Brandon Austin - Providence

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Larry Nance Jr

I think he could become the best player in the Mountain west and could come onto NBAs radar. Im also excited to see how well Naadir tharpe plays with all the weapons on Kansas and a player who could sneak into the 2nd round next year is Chaz Williams.

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Efron payton

Efron payton

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Jarnel Stokes is gonna

Jarnel Stokes is gonna dominate the stat line
Jakarr sampson and chris obepka
Khem birch
Aj hammons

Freshman breakout: Deonte Burton, marquette.

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Montrezl Harrell

Montrezl Harrell

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Keith Frazier SMU He has no

Keith Frazier SMU

He has no reason not to have a breakout season SMU does not really play anyone until the middle of the season.

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Caris Levert looks amazing

Caris Levert looks amazing this year. Remember that name.

6'7 (grew over the offseason and put on 20 lbs), long arms, great lateral quicks, tremendous speed with the ball in his hands. He grew up as a PG, experienced a late growth spurt in HS but he retained his handle and vision. He will be sharing ball-handling duties and running some point as well. Outside shot looks improved too (went 6-7 last night from 3).

He's still very light but he's long, quick, defensive minded with ball-handling ability. If the improvement in his jumper is legit then he's primed to be dynamite college player this yr.

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Tyrone Wallace

Tyrone Wallace

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