The single best front office job I've ever seen

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The single best front office job I've ever seen

I just read the thread ""The Single Best Coaching Job I've Ever Seen" which I agree with completely but I was also thinking what a great job their front office has done drafting players, look at their rotation..

Duncan - 1st overall - Won't give them too much credit but hey, they didn't screw it up!

Parker - 28th overall - Getting an all-star point guard this late is amazing.

Ginobili - 57th overall - Noone even expects an NBA player this late and to find a potential hall of famer (yes I said it) is downright nuts.

Kawhi Leonard - 15th overall - To find a rookie starter on one of the best teams in the NBA outside the lottery is again unheard of.

Danny Green - 46th overall - I know they didn't draft him but he did nothing at Cleveland and he was getting no interest from any other teams and is now starting for one of the best teams in the league.

Tiago Splitter - 28th overall - End of the 1st round again to find a quality rotation player is great. (Parker, Ginobili and Splitter.. whoever is the international scout for the Spurs needs a raise)

Gary Neal - Undrafted - Again, undrafted players are not meant to be contributers on NBA Finals teams.

Matt Bonner - 45th overall - Didn't draft him but was hardly a household name in Toronto. Plus all they had to do was trade Rasho Nesterovic for him who we have not even heard of since he left San Antonio, another excellent move.

Dejaun Blair - 37th overall - Noone else wanted him coz of his knees but the Spurs know good basketball players when they see them.

Patty Mills - 55th overall - Again, didn't draft him but picked him up and he has fit in excellently in limited minutes.

Also Boris Diaw and Stephen Jackson were drafted 21st and 43rd respectively but obviously they were signed after establishing themselves in the league.

I guess a lot of credit has to go to the coaching staff for molding these players into the great team they are today but when the basic consensus is that you can only expect great contributions from players selected in the early to mid first round in drafts you really have to appreciate the way the front office has gone about putting this team together.

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The Spurs organization is

The Spurs organization is like its players, reliable, productive and seeming to have an infinite life span. Each year I'm waiting for them to drop off , but when you draft and trade with the flawlessnes of their front office I seems like they're a permenant contender. They're never going to be the flashiest organization , but for basketball purests, they are almost the most enticing team in terms of cohesion and management.

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Lakers getting Paul Gasol for

Lakers getting Paul Gasol for the price worth of a bag skittles for the NBA.

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^You do remember they got

^You do remember they got Marc in that deal, right?

And sorry to stray away from the topic(I love the way the Spurs have constructed their team as well, great post) but just because Marc Gasol has turned into a defensive stopper and an All-Star Center, does not mean that this wasn't the worst trade in NBA history.

Don't tell me that they knew Marc would be this good, he was simply a throw in, nothing more, I have no clue what the Grizz's goal was anyways. If it was to just get cap relief, suck, and strat over with what would end up to be OJ Mayo, than they could have still sucked with Pau, they weren't doing very well with him, but that was still in my opinoin the most lopsided trade at the time.

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Danny Green and Gary Neal

Danny Green and Gary Neal made the Spurs for one reason above all others... its the thing that sets them apart... they are Fantastic 3 point shooters. Its the same reason Green is starting. For the Spurs spacing and ball movement to work you need reliable shooters to keep defenses honest. The Spurs shot over 40% from 3 as a TEAM... which is crazy good.

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Oh I forgot about Marc. Lol

Oh I forgot about Marc. Lol

Yeah I went off topic because the Spurs organzation have been repeatedly talked about and praised a lot for their front office.

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Kahn drafting 5 PG's his first draft, then drafting 3 SF's the next year...BAHAHAHA

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ive seen someone said spurs

ive seen someone said spurs are the best drafter or do great pick ups... like 49 times since last season

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Stop[ commenting on the Wolves you piece of garbage.

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What about the job Presti is

What about the job Presti is doing with OKC.

His draft picks Durant, Westbrook, Harden, Ibaka, Glen Davis, Carl Landry, Eric Bledsoe, Rodrigugue Beabouis.

Trade for Sefolosha, trading Ray Allen for a pick used for Jeff Green who he later traded for Perkins.

Moving Rashard Lewis for a 2nd round draft pick and a $9 million dollar trade exception, which was later used to land Kurt Thomas and 2 first-round draft picks from Phoenix. He then dealt Thomas to the Spurs for another No. 1.

People also forget he traded for Chandler but he failed his physical.

Also traded for Nazr Mohammed for DJ White and Morris.

Taking advantage of a salary ridden team in Utah which helped him get Eric Maynor via trade.

He's got Nick Collison signed for the next 3 yrs at 7.7 million.

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It all begun with getting Tim

It all begun with getting Tim Duncan, that was the single greatest thing that happened.

The Spurs weren't even bad, they just happened to be injured and got a franchise changing player. The 4 worst teams that year got Keith Van Horn (Sixers), Chauncey Billups (Boston), Antonio Daniels (Vancouver), and Tony Battie (Denver), and obviously got screwed in the Duncan sweepstakes with the lottery system.

Then the legendary David Robinson mentored young Duncan along with the Spurs picking up Popavich in the same season and now 15 years later the Spurs are still winning with a team built around Duncan.

That was either the greatest tank and lottery fix job since Pat Ewing in 1985 or the Spurs are just outrageously lucky, because the Spurs wouldn't be winning any titles without Duncan.

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Yeah the Thunder have done an

Yeah the Thunder have done an excellent job of drafting players that fit well together too. They got Durant, Harden and Westbrook 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively so that makes their front office job much easier then always having your first picks at the end of the 1st round, however there were big questions about wheter Harden and Westbrook were the right picks and we can definately say now that they were and you're right Presti has seemingly made all excellent moves.

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Yes, the Lakers and the Spurs

Yes, the Lakers and the Spurs stand alone as far as front office and OKC has done a marvelous job.

While the Spurs must be commended for the players they choose in the draft, I wouldnt say they are the best at drafting. the biggest thing is their coaching staff and system. Who is to say those players would be as good anywhere else? There is proof that they werent in fact. San Antonio reminds me of an NBA version of the New England Patriots. They simply can get the most out of any player they put on their roster.

I knew Leonard was good, but his career is really off to a great start. I saw Green 4 years at UNC, I knew he was a slightly underated player, but he is a jack of all trades, he really has no weakness, eventhough he isnt great at one thing...which makes me wonder if the a guy like Darius Miller is around in the 2nd round, will the Spurs go after him, he would be perfect in that system.

We all know Blair shouldnt have slipped that far, that was just idiotic on some teams part.

It really goes along with the coaching staff and getting players to fit. I think the 76'ers are doing an excellent job...and had Brand had been the same player that they traded for when he came from L.A. that move wouldnt be looked at as a bad one.

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Next to Spurs, by far the best GM history over the last five years....yes having high picks helps, but it's all the other forward looking maneuvering (Maynor for example) to pick up assets that has been impressive

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I agree the spurs have

I agree the spurs have drafted well, they did however have the advantage of being able to wait they drafted splitter late but most teams passed on him not because of talent but his contract over seas

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Didn't realize how great that team was put together.






with collison, barbosa, Hansbrough, as key reserves.

They are not the best front office, but they desreve alot of credit for this years team. No superstar, but alot of all star talent meshed very well together.

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I guess the Jury is still out

But Utah's front office pleases me as a Jazz fan. At first I was bitter about the D-Will trade. Even though I knew we had to trade him and he was leaving anyway. I looked at what the Nuggets got in return and was a little upset looking at our haul.

After the season I'd claim Kevin O'connor as a genius.

Tyrone Corbin made the playoffs in his first season as head coach. KOC dubbed him full time coach instead of interim after Sloan retired. Great Move.

Trading D-Will got us D.Favors, Enes Kanter, and Alec Burks. Those three are all starters in the league in two years and I think Favors has MVP potential(if he gets put in a PnR offense and develops his inner Amare...which he totally can).

He drafted Gordon Hayward who looks to average 16-20 ppg 4a 4r as soon as next year.

He also had the foresight to realize that Vets Paul Milsapp, Al Jefferson, and Devin Harris could carry them to the playoffs as the younglings developed.

Cap space, another lottery pick this year or next from GSW are both just cherries on top.

I think the above warrants putting KOC in the discussion.

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