Simple trade

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Simple trade

Mo Williams for oj mayo. I think mayo would be a good fit for the clips and I the grizz need a pg with Conley out.


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Good Idea

I'd really like to say Mayo back in LA. And i'm pretty sure Williams has southern roots so he'd feel right at home in Memphis. Team wise it works as well because he could actually be a starter and revive his career alongside CP3 in the backcourt.

Billups could dominate the ball with the second unit as he is so accustomed to doing. Also williams would give memphis a legit backcourt scoring threat. yeah really like that trade.

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It doesn't work out cap wise

It doesn't work out cap wise or value wise. Williams has a much larger contract that the Grizz would be unwilling to take on. I do think both players woul be better fits on the other teams but that trade just doesn't work out the Grizz would have to throw another player into it and I'm sure the Grizz would want another player from Lob City in return.

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The salary difference is

The salary difference is about $3 million so if Memphis put a throw in they could get it to within the matching zone tradewise. Mayo alongside CP3 or as a spark off the bench would work well for LAC and Memphis get another PG option and at worse extra experience and bench scoring.

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