Sim Bhullar: First Indian Player to Sign NBA Contract.

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Sim Bhullar: First Indian Player to Sign NBA Contract.

The source is's Kings page and although the details aren't discussed, it's probably some sort of make good, or partially guaranteed contract that goes through training camp.

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Congrats to Sim, great story.

Congrats to Sim, great story. The reality is that he's too slow to be a solid contributor in the NBA. Maybe for a few minutes at a time to spell Cousins, but I can't see him playing extended minutes. Good luck to him.

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He's not an NBA caliber player

I don't see him as being any better then either thabeet or haddadi who had previously spent some time w Memphis. I view it as a marketing ploy and a practice in group economics by American Indian kings owner Vivek Ranadive. I respect it for what it is tho. If I owned an nba franchise I'd have all types of friends and relatives employed lol

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Everyone deserves a chance no

Everyone deserves a chance no matter the race that they are I hope he gets his opportunity to show what he can do.

Rip255 (not verified)

Just as long as the team chemistry isn't unbalanced by the tension caused by him refusing to ever pick up the cheque.

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...even though his bill is

...even though his bill is usually the largest

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Can't teach size, 7-5 and 360

Can't teach size, 7-5 and 360 is good for a roster to have. Just for practice, with Cousins and the other Kings shooting over him it will help develop their games. Obviously it is a way for the team owner to try to entice 1.4billion people to be fans too.

People laughed at Washington and Muresan, but he quickly became a very good player for them, slow up and down the court but he was effective before injuries got to him.

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He might have an impact on

He might have an impact on the defensive end if he focus on rebounding & blocking shots..And his massive size opponents will be a problem for opponents.....

I remember people saying Eaton was too slow to make the league..Eaton ended up spending 11 yrs in the nba....But Eaton was much stronger and seemed like he ate properly and took care of his body...

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