Silent But DEADLY!!

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Silent But DEADLY!!

Silently, the Milwaukee Bucks are making a ton of great moves this off season... They also became my favorite team when they drafted Brandon Jennings... We ow have...

1. Legit Defensive Big who can score: Andrew Bogut
2. Defensive Fowards: MBah A Moute, Larry Sanders
3. Clutch Scorer: John Salmons (most underrated scorer in the league)
4. Veteran Glue Guys: Corey Maggette, Drew Gooden, Luke Ridnour
5. Scorer, Passer, Play Maker: Brandon Jennings
6. Bench is interchangeable with starters at every position

I believe these guys are a very underrated team who can play great defense... They are right around the age where teams flourish in the league... and with Scott Skiles and his defensive coaching schemes I think this team can do a lot of damage for a few years... and defense does win championships

Im not sayin they'll win it all, but dont be surprised if they are playing for an Eastern Conference title next year

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