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Am I the only one that was enormously hyped for this years dunk contest but came away disappointed? I mean at first it was great but these misses killed my vibe, and James White didn't even attempt his legendary between the legs dunk. I'm not a happy guy right now, these Taco Bell commercials are making me pull my hair out.

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After Green's first I thought

After Green's first I thought yes here we go, but other than E-Bled's 2nd, it was pretty poor again.

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Yeah I was excited when I

Yeah I was excited when I heard the contestants but this contest sucked...Green's first was the best of the night.

Hated seeing Green, Bledsoe, and White all watch the last round...

Did you guys here 'em say that Jordan and Wilkins each dunked 9 times? Sucks only watching maybe 2 dunks of the guys you really wanna see..

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I think you forgot that James

I think you forgot that James White did that dunk 6-8 years ago when he was 22-24. The guy is 30 now.

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Like chuck said, he hasn't

Like chuck said, he hasn't been playing, this isn't like comparing #8 Kobe to #24 Kobe

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I've been a big White fan

I've been a big White fan since his between the legs dunk in high school, Im just disappointed they didn't get him in his prime.

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Yeah the real flight white

Yeah the real flight white took off 5 years ago

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The final was betterr than i

The final was betterr than i expected I must say.

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To be honest...I haven't

To be honest...I haven't really been that hyped up about a dunk in this dunk contest in while. The problem is that most of us have already seen these dunks before.

With the nation's best dunkers getting more exposure with the internet, these NBA guys just aren't impressive.

They need to find something to spice it up.

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"With the nation's best

"With the nation's best dunkers getting more exposure with the internet, these NBA guys just aren't impressive."
Brilliant idea, i never really put it that way.

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disappointed, but pretty happy ross won, he deserved it

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Should they eliminate the

Should they eliminate the dunk contest for a couple years and add a 3 on 3 tournament? Glad my boy Ross won.

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I thought of that idea but I

I thought of that idea but I don't think the NBA would do anything that could make players look worse than another.

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Dear, Jeremy Evans GET OUT OF

Dear, Jeremy Evans GET OUT OF THE NBA!!!! Finally I'm giving up on the dunk contest. Gerald Greens 2nd dunk made me so mad, James White disappointed, Bledsoe got robbed, and when I say robbed I mean like getting 25 cents stolen, and Terrance Ross held his head above water.

And can we just make it clear that Drake always associates himself with the Heat and never reps the raptors

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Congratulations to Terrence

Congratulations to Terrence Ross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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mann i was disappointed

mann i was disappointed too....all day i was waiting for the dunk contest and wow....even as a toronto fan i think ross didnt exactly impress that much.

and gerald greens dunk was just cheese dont get to hang on the glad he missed all his attempts or else the judges tongiht would have given it all tens.

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that was AWFUL

terrible - watching these guys try 5,6 times on a dunk is just putting me to sleep and shows no preparation is going into the contest. Back in the day with Jordan and Wilkins, you didnt have 6 attemps within one minute 30 seconds. Each year this contest gets worse and worse. Either get the stars to compete and take the contest seriously or just do away with the contest all together.

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Congrats to t-ross

Congrats to tross...has a bright future ahead of him....dunk contest overall pretty disappointing....bledsoe second dunk most underrated dunk of the night

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Love Barkley sounding off on the stars needing to get in the contest....this is for the fans. Griffen, Lebron get your ass in there like the stars before you did

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you know what really hurt

you know what really hurt too,. the fact that kenny the hype man smith wasnt into it as well, made the viewers not interested.

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Very underwhelming. If this

Very underwhelming. If this dunk contest truly represented the NBA's most athletic/exciting I would never watch NBA ball. Thankfully we all know that this is not the case.

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Best Dunk

Manimal off the backboard AND between the legs.

Judging was suspect from go.

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Gerald Green would've stolen

Gerald Green would've stolen the show but that 2nd dunk was way too hard, it got me thinking that if his second dunk attempt was that great, than how amazing would his 3rd and 4th dunks been?

Charles, Kenny, and even Shaq(but especially Charles) stole the show, they were the most entertaining. The Dunk contest was OK but all of those misses really made it boring. The Skills Challenge was nice, but I would've like it if they went a little faster, and the three point contest was great, almost every guy had a rack where they were absolutely on fire. Kyrie and Damien are telling us they have arrived. And just thinking, it's crazy tot think that Shaq played with a guy like Tree Rolins, who was born in 1955, and also played with Avery Bradley, who was born in 1990.

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Some comments on this

Some comments on this thread....

1. Overall, it was a good contest. All 6 dunkers had at least one good dunk, and the final had 4 good dunks. I admit Flight White was a disappointment, but really what more can you expect? some years Nate Rob won just by completing a dunk.... at least this was actually a good competition.

2. The stars aren't doing this. The stars don't care about this. The stars want to come and hang out all weekend and party, and then play Sunday Night and worry about more important things like an NBA title. Despite anything Skip Bayless, or Charles Barkley think, the LBJs and Griffins and Durants, and D Roses just don't care about being in a dunk contest, because it will UNDERWELM you. Its not like LBJ and KD would pull off some dunks the likes of Ross and White are incapable of doing.

This contest was solid. Not great, not amazing, but solid none the less. Too many misses for sure, but the final was decent. The rest of the night, however, was a C- at best.

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Jeremy Evans should've won. I

Jeremy Evans should've won. I thought his final round dunks were sensational.

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Jeremy Evans was a throwback

Jeremy Evans was a throwback to everything wrong with the dunk contest in the past few years; props, gimmicks and no creativity in the actual dunks.

I thought Ross' first dunk would have been the best if he'd made it the first time, it's not something I've seen a lot of, and I thought Gerald Green's first dunk was overrated as hell, would have been more impressive if he threw it to himself off the backboard.

I really didn't like the format of the All-Star Saturday with East vs West, if White and Green hadn't both choked you would have had the three best dunkers on the same team, and same again with the 3-point contest, they should have been left well enough alone.

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I'm with you

I don't usually get that excited about the dunk contest because I'm always let down but with the likes of Green and White, I thought this may have different from previous years past, BIG MISTAKE. It was average since I had built up my expectations to expect some legendary dunks. Honestly, I didn't even find the Dunk contest the most enjoyable event of the night, the 3pt contest was more entertaining and so was the skills challenge. At least the commentary carried me through it, the TNT crew were hilarious as always and it was great to see Yao again.

As for the East vs West format, nobody really cared. The formula was boring to follow and we found out that the West won eventhough the East had three overall champions from the day's events. Wut?

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The thing that actually made

The thing that actually made this dunk contest so bad, like what's been said, was the misses.

Did Green and White have backup dunks? They should have, because defaulting because they couldn't complete a dunk within the allotted time is unacceptable. If I was David Stern, I'd be seething.

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