Shout out to Europeanballer: Iraklis players strip jerseys on court, team president calls team play “gay”

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Shout out to Europeanballer: Iraklis players strip jerseys on court, team president calls team play “gay”

By the time the home side left the floor, the teams resembled members of a schoolyard “Shirts vs. Skins” game, but very little playground bonhomie was evidenced in the aftermath of Sunday’s Iraklis BC-PAOK match in Greece.

PAOK (8-7, tied for fourth place in EƩAKE play) manhandled the homers (3-12, tied for 14th) in the match, 87-68, resulting in a bizarre move of protest demanded by Iraklis coach Georgios Kalafatakis. Gathering the team together at halfcourt, he had his players remove their jerseys and leave them on the floor. The team president stunningly later apologized for his team’s (lack of effort), reportedly referring to their game as “queer” – and not in the sense of “strange.”

(The key word in Greek is “αδερφίστικο,” which defies Google translation, but judging from the backlash, BiE will take the media’s word for it.)

While Iraklis captain Vladimir Petrovic was later reported as stating that he and his teammates “don’t deserve to wear this team’s jerseys,” an outraged players’ union statement declared Iraklis officials to have made “homophobic sentiments.”

Firstly protesting the rules violation of untucking the jersey from the shorts, the PSAK statement goes on to condemn “the attitude of the team administration and those who foster and tolerate [homophobic statements],” going on to say that call for more public responsibility, for “such practices do not promote the sport, but convert [it] into a Roman arena.”

Highlights from the game – okay, so it’s mostly a PAOK free-for-all – follow, topped with the bizarre denouement. Iraklis plays at Ilysiakos on Sunday in a game between the two teams at the bottom of the EƩAKE table.

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I've heard the saying "not

I've heard the saying "not fit to wear the shirt" in a lot of sports and in some teams do swap shirts/tops at the end of the game but this is a rather strange protest. If you read about some of the European Football teams in countries like Russia, Turkey etc then the fans often have "Far Right" sympathies think the guys in the Deep South who still cannot accept a black/mixed race President.

My local Football Team Birmingham City had a huge reputation as the hardest football fans in the UK and numerous guys were locked up when they were arrested for violence before, during or after games and there is always a local joke that when the team has an early Saturday kick off, the crowd is down due to so many fans having to do their community service.

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