Should the timberwolves trade beasly 4 Derrick Williams

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Should the timberwolves trade beasly 4 Derrick Williams

I say no but yes

if we want kevin love to stay . we is gonna to have to trade micheal beasly. to show kevin love this is his team.

Micheal Beasly is good but we need a Derrick Williams. at the 3 spot and he is the first pick you cant go wrong with that.

we gonna have a nice squad with the addition of rubio

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Beasley doesn't get you a top

Beasley doesn't get you a top three draft pick and I can't think of anything else the Wolves actually have that they could package with him to sweeten the deal. Yes, he averaged 20 pts per game. If you look at his "per 36 minute" average, he has done 20 pts a game for all three years in the league. Despite that, the Heat had no use for him. Think about that. I think he is still regarded in the league as just an decent starter. For top picks, teams are hoping for All Stars. They may not get them, but they are hoping for them.

If Rubio says he is coming to the NBA, then Wolves would have a trading piece. Some team might take Rubio and Beasley for a top three pick. That I could see.

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