Should Thunder go after Pekovic?

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Should Thunder go after Pekovic?

I'm not sure how much room they have now that Serge Ibaka's extension is in, but do you think there is a chance that they can sign Pekovic? If so, should they go after him? He is a big, physical Center who I think could be the missing piece that they need. They can look into amnestying Perkins too if they need the cap room. Does it make sense? Would it be possible?

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They should do everything in

They should do everything in their power to get him or gortat! Perkins isn't going to cut it and two non fundamental 7 footers (adams/thabeet) aren't going to cut it

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Going to be tough

They would have to have a poison pill if they want to get him. Minnesota has about $12 million available and as important as he is to the Wolves, they may be willing to pay a little extra than expected. I don't see how the Thunder could pull it off unless they were to dump Perkins and possibly one more player to create the space.

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Pek would be amazing for the

Pek would be amazing for the Thunder, but I don't see how they can get him. Dealing with a restricted free agent always seems hard because you have to overpay them so their current team won't match the contract. I am not sure how much money the Thunder would have if they amnestied Perkins, but what would happen if they did and Pek signed an offer sheet with the Thunder then the Wolves matched it? With all the hate Perkins gets on here he is still the starting center on the Thunder.

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If they amnestied Perkins

If they amnestied Perkins they would still owe 57mil, and that's not counting their rookies. Best they could do is offer the MLE. Just not going to cut it.

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Would it work if they

Would it work if they amnestied Perkins, and somehow did a sign and trade with Sefolosha, Adams, PJ3, and future picks? The Wolves need perimeter defense, and Sefo would give them that while shooting around .40% from three. Adams would replace Pek, and give the wolves a center who only has to focus on rebounding and D for only a fraction of the price. I know it would never happen, but it's nice to speculate.

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Not enough money to go

Not enough money to go around! The price of a solid big man like Pekovic is at least $12-$14million a year

Billy King made the price go up last year w/ that ridiculous contract he gave Kris Humpries

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Big Men Available

Unfortunately the best Thunder can do is get a Center with the MLE or less.

Here's a list of big guys left that I think might take the MLE:

• JJ Hickson - This would be a stretch because he's worth more than the MLE, but if he was willing to take the MLE he would be an instant upgrade over Perkins and he's still young and can grow with the team.

• Zaza Pachulia - In all reality him and Perkins are about the same, so there is no upgrade here other than Pachulia could take up the backup role from Thabeet which is still a minor upgrade.

• Marreese Speights - Speights is still a wildcard because we haven't seen him with significant minutes yet, but he's a guy that if given the chance I think could be very special. Like Hickson he's still relatively young and could grow with the core. Offensively he's a lot better than Perkins and he's not too bad on defense either.

• Samuel Dalembert - A veteran defensive center that in my opinion is a slight level above Perkins, I think Dalembert could be acquired fairly cheap as well.

• Chris Kaman - Kaman is a do-it-all type of veteran. He's very well rounded offensively and defensively, he's also pretty smart and a good passer for a 7 footer. Kaman would be a large upgrade over Perkins. Kaman is worth more than the MLE in my opinion, but at this point in his career I think he'd take MLE for a championship chance.

• Jermaine O'Neal - Another veteran, doesn't quite have the offense Kaman does, and doesn't quite have the defense Dalembert does, but he's pretty good overall and could be acquired for cheap at this point in his career. Once an all-star caliber player he has a lot of experience and has been around a really long time since he came out of high school.

• Timofey Mozgov - Another wildcard that hasn't been given significant minutes. The few minutes he did get for Denver last season he did pretty dang good but they were just so stacked at center. Mozgov is pretty young and has some high potential to be a starting caliber center. I don't think he'd take the starting job from Perkins right away, but in a couple years he could be something special.

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