Should the Thunder go after Monta?

I know this might be a little crazy but i think the thunder are slowly loosing their upward trajectory in the West. I know that the loss of Westbrook in the playoffs had a lot to do with their early exit, but their need for a harden type slasher/scorer to take the ease off Durant and Westbrook is glaring. I don't think that Jeremy Lamb is ready to contribute, his summer league performance is not really indicative of his potential to contribute in the regular season. We also tend to fall in love with volume rookie scorers in the summer league. So why not take a chance on Monta? Especially with the departure of Kevin Martin. The Thunder in my opinion could use a scorer. My only issue is the lack of off the ball generated offense. But Harden never was an off the ball scorer and the Thunder could use him the same way. Granted that he's not quite the play maker. Something along the lines of 3 year 30 million with a team option for the 3rd year.

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while Ellis is a wonderful

while Ellis is a wonderful scorer, I dont think it helps OKC out. he is not as efficient as K-Mart. I would rather have a bigger, stronger, more defensive minded guard in Henderson for a cheaper price.

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Good Point

i do agree, but Henderson isn't ready to contribute to a Championship caliber team. I agree with a bigger defensive minded player. I think that the OKC offense cannot sustain it self if Durant and/Westbrook are off the court.

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No, I think Monta is too

No, I think Monta is too similar in role and play style to Westbrook. Westbrook already does just about everything Ellis does, except Westbrook is better. Monta would take too many shots away from Durant and Westbrook. The Thunder don't need another scorer, they just need improved big man play and hopefully for Jeremy Lamb and Reggie Jackson to impress.

The Thunder are already a top-two team in the league. People need to stop freaking out. Yes, they aren't perfect, but they are the second best two-way team in the league when healthy. They still almost made the conference finals without a top-5 pg. With Westbrook back, they should be the best team in the West.

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they aren't getting Ellis for their $6.6 million trade exception

How do you propose they sign him?

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Lamb and Jackson have both

Lamb and Jackson have both been tearing it up in the summer league so I do not think scoring is going to be the problem. If Ibaka can continue to improve on the offensive end then the Thunder are good to go. The Thunder are championship contenders and that is about the best you can hope for in the NBA.

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Ellis would be a a black hole on offense. Not mention he's undersized.

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OKC needs

If there is any need for OKC it is simply an upgrade with Perkins. I am with Tyrober; Lamb, Jackson, Liggens, Perry Jones give OKC plenty of wing help. With Lamb and Perry Jones just having them out of the rotation sometimes leads us to forget how talented they are.

Adams may be an answer at the 5 as well. We'll see. If I am OKC I give these guys come burn and see how they respond.

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No, no, and no. Westbrook is

No, no, and no. Westbrook is a far better player than monta. And look at the heat he takes when he doesnt give KD the rock. And he is going to be asking for way more money than okc can spend.

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Lamb and Perry Jones

You guys really think Lamb and Jones are ready to contribute? Other than Durant and Westbrook, who is that wing player that can come in and score? Remember the Thunder are trying to win a championship. Jones and Lamb have not played meaningful minutes in regular season NBA games, and the Thunder were dangling them to move up to the top pick in this years draft.

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Should sign with Philly

Monta Ellis should find his way over to Philly. I haven't heard anything about Philly all summer but I think this would work for a couple of reasons.

1) Philly is going to be terrible this year if they enter the season as is (or close to it). Having said that, Monta could become their number one scorer and at least give them some offensive options.

2) MCW is huge and pretty good on defense. The knock on Ellis has always been his size, and that he is a defensive liability. Playing along side the 6'7'' Carter-Williams would allow them to switch assignments on D. Problem solved.

3) Philly also needs a backup PG. Ellis could also play backup PG (he is actually a really good distributor and ball handler), and would have the potential to eventually run with a three guard rotation by bringing a shooting guard off the bench who can play with MCW or Ellis. (J Rich if he can come back healthy, if not they need to sign someone else).

4) It could be appealing to Ellis because the fans would love him (he's the closest thing to a modern A.I., in terms of basketball style). Plus there is actually a not too shabby core in place with Carter-Williams, Thad Young, Evan Turner and Nerlens Noel.

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all those points about philly are good except you forgot 1 thing

Philly doesn't WANT to win this year. The less wins the better.

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That's no reason not to sign

That's no reason not to sign Monta. He can help the team lose too.

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