Should the Raptors fire Bryan Colangelo?

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Should the Raptors fire Bryan Colangelo?

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Should have been fired 2

Should have been fired 2 years ago

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Should have fired him during

Should have fired him during or after his 2nd season. He wasted time trying to make Bosh happy for a few years, unwilling to put together a rebuilding plan when it was obvious that he should. His lame duck situation made it worse this year. Horrible short-sighted moves through out the summer. I barely followed the raptors nowadays after the draft night when he stupidly picked Terrence Ross over a potential super star in Andre Drummond.

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Thats a big 10-4. Colangelo

Thats a big 10-4.

Colangelo has done zip since his first season with the Raps. Its been one bad decision after another since that time. Nothing has panned out. Including Mr. C repeatedly overpaying for "potential" and to avoid RFA at the end of rookie contracts. Its such a shame he's been this bad... and the coaching hires over the years haven't exactly been earth shattering either.

Today, Colangelo says the teams struggles are not a "talent issue".

I'd have to disagree there big guy. This is the roster you put together, and they're mediocre to be polite. Even if everything goes right the Raps just don't have the talent to compete at a high level. Lowry is the Raps best player... and then there's everyone else. With that said, I don't think the Raps have a single "A Level" player. Lowry's a B+ at best. Bargs C+, Calderon B, DeRozan C...maybe a C+ lately. You get the picture.

Can we blame all of this on Canada? I'm sure thats a factor, but in 7 years time this roster should be in much better shape then it is, or atleast have a holster of draft picks and young talent. Again, the Raps fall short on both. They've got some good young pieces but no one that blows you away. Its not like the last few drafts have been too fruitful for the Raps. Again, there's some talent, but no one that excites you. No one who you feel gives you a positional advantage every night. Toronto tends to play it pretty safe in their drafts. If your going to claim Canada is a deterance to free agents then shouldn't you be swinging for the fences every draft instead? How else are you going to get A level talent if the free agents don't come? Ross is a nice player but Drummond is the one you take your chance on. Colangelo Can't have it both ways. You can't always go international because you strike out on big free agents and then also play it safe in the draft. Buy picks, take risks on 2nd rounders and stop blindly believing in the roster you've assembled.

Even if the Raps weren't 4-16 at this point, whats the best scenario with a few more good bounces and plays at the ends of games? 4 more wins? 8-12? Starts to feel like every other season anyways. We'll hear talk about how they plan to "pick things up" before the all star break. They want to make it back to .500, Even if they get there whats there to look forward too? A first round exit and another mid range lottery pick?

Then there's Derozan and his new contract. WTF? I thought Bargs was bad a few years back but that one is terrible. There's so many players all over the nba who are better then Demar... and they are much, much cheaper. Jamal Crawford, Lou Williams, OJ Mayo... just to name a few. If DeRozan is very lucky he willl "grow" into that type of player but thats his ceiling. DeRozan's Ceiling is to hope to play as well as guys making 5-6 million a year. Why the hell Colangelo pay him 11 million per over 4?

Boggles the mind really. How does Colangelo keep his job after such an atrocious streak? PHX was a long time ago. He must have had a twin who called the shots down there or something. Its been all down hill since.

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I feel really sorry for the team

What Vince did to them was about the worst behavior ever.

That said, there have been some STRANGE moves
1. drafting the 24 year old center in the lottery (Aurullea I think his name was)
2. The fixation on international guys Calderon and Garbosa etc.
3. Over paying Hedo

Strange thing is, Toronto is a fantastic city,

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oh arauljo, taken just ahead

oh arauljo, taken just ahead of iggy and then to add a bonus we took joey graham who has disappeared from the face of the earth now instead of danny granger. its not just BC, its basically all the GM's we have ever had sucked. only two good things has ever happened for the the jamison pick for VC and drafting tmac although we didnt keep him.

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Araujo, wasn't a Colangelo pick believe it or not. As for Calderon and Garbojosa both of those guys can ball, Garbo was one of the main reasons the raps won the Atlantic in BC's first year, and if it wasn't for Garbo breaking his leg towards the end of the season the raps probably would've beaten New Jersey and advanced to the second round. People who didn't watch the Raptors don't understand how solid Garbo was on both ends of the court for us that season as our starting Sf. And ya they should fire BC, he's gotten way too many passes over the years but one thing you've gotta give him is he was blessed with a silver tongue. I do fear that he can talk his way into another extension with those suckers at MLSE.

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