Should OKC call the Bobcats on draft day and propose a trade regarding DJ Augustin?

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Should OKC call the Bobcats on draft day and propose a trade regarding DJ Augustin?

People may think I'm crazy, but I think its time OKC switches Westbrook to the SG and gets a new PG either through the draft or trades. Obviously Maynor is not gonna start at PG and nor is Nate Robinson because neither are great PG's. Obviously you don't need a great pg when you have Durant on your team, but Maynor and Robinson are both ideal backup PG's. Maynor is alot like Derek Fisher. He could start but he shouldn't. Same with Robinson. The only problem with this idea is that there may not be a PG that will drop to them at 24.

But what about the Bobcats? They are not too impressed with DJ Augustin yet to me he is not that bad. I mean 14.4 points and 6.1 assists is not bad for your first year starting. But if they aren't too impressed with him than maybe OKC should take advantage and call Charlotte on draft day once they draft a PG to replace Augustin, with an offer to receive Augustin. They may have to trade Harden, their best bench scorer, but hey if it gets Westbrook to stop thinking that he is Rose and starts getting them further in the playoffs then I think its worth it. Or they may have to trade their best defender in Sefolosha but again it would worth it to get a young PG who did not do so bad passing, scoring, or playing defense. He may be a little small, but he was doing great as a starter in Charlotte. Its a shame that Charlotte is not impressed and will probably be looking to trade him come draft day, but maybe this can be a blessing in disguise.

Is this such a crazy idea? Should OKC really take advantage of DJ Augustin not working out in Charlotte and call them on draft day offering a deal to take him and then move Westbrook to the 2 guard? Or am I letting his idiotic play in the playoffs get to my head?

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Better to get Livingston from

Better to get Livingston from Charlotte; he could defend 2s with his size and run the point offensively. That way they aren't fielding a small back-court. Also, Augustin is a scoring PG, specifically a shooter. He'd be great in the triangle with the Lakers, but I don't see it working in OKC.

Also, trading Harden is madness.

That said, I highly doubt OKC moves Westbrook to the SG.

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OKC's biggest problem is not at point gaurd, Westbrook is a good point guard for this team. They could use a better starting shooting guard and a good backup SF but what OKC really needs is offensive minded C, someone that would demand double teams which would free up Durant or Westbrook. Kendrick Perkins is a good defender but he is no offensive threat and Ibaka is best served as the team's power forward. OKC was foolish to give Perkins and Collison the kind of money that they did especially since Westbrook will want more money when his extension is up.

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I happen to agree with everything you said although getting a post player who demands double teams would not be easy. You are right though, supposed they had a Nene or a healthy Kaman? Also, Zach is outplaying his bad raps and notions that he is overpaid. The Grizz needs to make it a priority to keep him.

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^ i dont call ppl out but

^ i dont call ppl out but what a stupid commet^^^ 1st of all westbrook is a very good player but not particularly a good PG for this team as you said..... he a shoot 1st PG and on a team with durant you cant afford that. 2ndly they have 2 very solid SGs in thabo nd harden and why would they need a good backup SF when they have one of the best on planet earth.... you seem to think good players grow on trees saying they need a C who can command a double team, 1st of all there are only 2 or 3 centers in the league that get double teamed regularily. Lol i disagreed with every point you made hence the reason I had to comment

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Something needs to done to teach Westbrook who is the superstar

I agree that the Thunder need to find a backup for Durant and I hope they address that in the draft, but it seems they also need to address their PG or SG problem or at least teach Westbrook who is the real franchise player on that team. (Hint: it isn't himself) Westbrook needs to learn to be passive in those situations. This may be why Durant is not as dominant as he should be, because Westbrook is a ball hog in late game situations.

Maybe Augustin isn't the right player to trade for but maybe they should still call up the Bobcats and propose a trade regarding Livingston. Maybe they can trade Sefolosha for him. You know trade defense for defense. Seems fair to me.

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I don't think OKC needs to

I don't think OKC needs to make any drastic changes, Westbrook didn't play point gurard in college and is still learning to be a point guard but he doesn't need to be pushed to the 2 guard spot. Durrant is great and does need to get the ball more in crunch time but Westbrook is very good himself and actually more suited to break down a defense than Durrant is. Both Westbrook and Durrant need to work together to compliment each other and get who ever has the best match up the ball for the best shot . Westbrook has forced alot of shots and hasn't got Durrant the ball but Durrant needs to move more and help Westbrook out alittle. This team is young athletic, and has very good players, time will fix alot of the problems they are now experiencing. Maynor is more of a true point guard than Augustine , he's taller and a better all around player. Augustine is a scoring point guard too and he's 6'0 at best. Trading for Augustine wouldn't make the Thunder a better team IMO. Getting a low post presence on offense would be helpfull and may be something OKC's FO needs to look into.

As a Jazz fan I would trade Big Al ( a low post presence) for Ibaka and Harden, OKC probalby wouldn't want to part with those good young players but Big Al would give them what they need in the low post.

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I dont like Westbrook at the

I dont like Westbrook at the 2, hes in the Monta Ellis mold where he needs to ball in his hands to be effective, and I know he isnt the best decision maker, but he'd pretty irrelevant at the 2 if he gets major minutes at that spot..imo

And as a backup PG, "call me crazy" but I like Maynor over Augustine

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Do you guys have any clue how

Do you guys have any clue how much hate you would be giving Augistin if he was starting in OKC in the playoffs. None, you wouldnt even be watching him. OKC would probally have a hard time winning any games with Augistin at the 1 and Westy at the 2.

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This is why they don't hand

This is why they don't hand out jobs as GM's.

.........Well maybe in Minnesota but thats the exception lol.

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