Should NBA coaches be able to challenge foul calls?

I heard Jeff Van Gundy talking about this the other day and thought it was an interesting idea. You could give coaches two challenges per game, like in the NFL, which they could use to dispute foul calls. I think that if the referees can use replay to determine if a foul was flagrant, they should be able to use it to determine if there was a foul at all. It would be good for coaches to be able to challenge when a bad call has a big impact on the game, such as putting a star player in foul trouble. If a challenge is unsuccessful, then it could either be a delay of game warning or cost the challenging team a timeout.

If a foul call is challenged and replay shows that a player flopped on imaginary contact, then the refs could give a technical foul to the flopper in addition to reversing the call. This would help to eliminate egregious flopping.

The downside is that there would be no way to challenge non-calls, so referees might start calling every questionable call in order to give coaches an oppurtunity to challenge. This would obviously ruin the flow of the game.

What do you guys think?

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