Should Indiana trade for Pierce and Garnett

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Should Indiana trade for Pierce and Garnett

I could see why both teams would want to do this trade or a variation of this trade. I think indiana should throw in both of their picks from this years draft as well to sweeten the pot.

I feel like Indiana should be chasing a title and they would get an upgrade on both of their current players and become an absolute beast in the east. If they could pull off this trade they would be right there with the thunder and the heat as favorites to win the championship. Add Kevin Garnett to the pacers already dominant pacers defense and they might hold teams to 70 on a regular basis. Pacers don't have a closer and pierce is one of the best ever.

Celtics aren't going to be winning a title and should look at how to build their team for the future. They get granger who is in the mold of pierce but 6 years young. David west on an expiring contract, save 4 million in contract on the trade, and get two more draft picks in this years draft. If I was them I would also try to move terry to a team trying to win it. Maybe the lakers for steve blake and a second.

Celtics save money, get salary room this summer, get danny granger who would fit nice with bradley and rondo, and more draft picks.

Pacers become legit title contenders.

should it happen?

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The celtics wouldn't do that

The celtics wouldn't do that

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Won't happen end of storey

If the celts are gonna trade pierce and kg its to go into complete rebuild. They don't want a vet and a guy who hasn't even played this season. They will want a couple young prospects and a pick or two.

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Only wat that would EVER

Only wat that would EVER happen, Donnie would probably have to throw in Born Ready, Mahimi, a 1st rounder and I wouldn't be surprised even more. The fact that people think Indy can any substantial value out of Granger is crazy. His team has been better with out him, he has barely played this year. And DWest would would probably be a one year rental and i dont know about you but i'd rather have an aging KG for 2 more years and the Truth as well over a, at this point, below fringy All Star. Dont even know why i spent time on this. Smh

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No the Pacers should not!!

No the Pacers should not!! David West is going nowhere, I think that if Granger is moved part of the reason will be to free up room to offer West a good contract for the next 2-3 years not just pay to pay George when the time comes.

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