Should Celtics go after Beasley

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Should Celtics go after Beasley

Since Miami is trying to get rid of Beasleys contract for cap space should the Boston Celtics trade Rasheed Wallace's now expiring contract? As far I know this trade is possible until Sheed files the retirement paperwork. For Boston this is a Low Risk Big Reward deal and they get a young player that can learn behind Pierce and KG. He could also be a scorer off the bench or start at the 3 with Pierce moving to the 2 if Ray leaves

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Would be a good situation. I

Would be a good situation. I think Beasley and Rondo would be a nice young duo in the future, and Beasley can come off the bench now and be the matchup ploy he's best suited as right now. I would have no problem with this if it's gone about the right way.

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Good for Celtics

Beasely could be a good edition off the bench. He could be a nice pick and roll player who is good in the open court with Rondo.

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its beasley's third year

its beasley's third year coming up let him play and learn the game and if anything they should of never dafted him in the first place when theyy wanted o.j mayo .... can u see the backcourt of o.j and wade ? it would of been a beautiful thing

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Beasley is a good player but

Beasley is a good player but went to the wrong team beacause Miami dropped the ball but if Celtics or any team can get him, they need to. he is a 20 10 guy on most teams.

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I would be opposed to that

I would be opposed to that trade. Sheed's done, and Beasly has talent. Celtics could get his head on straight to with the guys they have.

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I can see Beasley and Rondo

I can see Beasley and Rondo playing well together, with Rajon's slashing and kicking benefiting Beasley's mid-range game. Beasley is also an isolation player which the Celtics have shown to be open to with Paul Pierce in the past. However, unless Pierce and Allen are bounced I can't see this being the best move for Beasley. He needs a starting role on a team that needs him to be "that guy" in the next few years or his career might never get off the ground. While Rivers would be the ideal coach for him I think Beasley would have the same problems in Boston as Miami unless the Big Three is broken up. However, Pierce is the least likely to leave Boston so until he retires I don't see this happening. I can't see Beasley ever being satisfied with coming off the bench.

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Going to Boston would be

Going to Boston would be great for Beasley. Being mentored by KG will have a positive impact on and off the court, assuming he takes his advice/guidance. Boston gets younger more talent and Miami gets more cap space, win win for both teams. Besides if Boston wants to make another run at a chip they need to get a little younger, so the core players will not have to play large minutes during the regular season.

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I could see B-Easy's game clashing with Pierce's tho. Other than that, it could be a good fit.

He needs a KG in the locker room.

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B easy

He will work out just as good as Marbury. Beasly is a bad seed.

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