Should Bulls go after J.R. Smith?

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Should Bulls go after J.R. Smith?

J.R. Smith averaged 12 points in only 25 minutes of action over the course of the season. He has already expressed interest to leave Denver, as he doesn't feel as though he gets enough playing time.

J.R. Smith has played in the league for 7 years now, and he is still only 24 years of age. While maturity and many other factors may need work, there is one thing that everyone can't ignore. J.R. Smith can score the basketball. He is an athletic two guard, with a nice 3-Pt field goal, and can also throw it down hard for a guard. Chicago lacks a two guard that can score the ball. So, in my personal opinion, J.R. Smith is perfect for the Chicago Bulls.

Keith Bogans can play nice defense, and even get some points for you here and there. Kyle Korver is that 2/3 player who can come off of the bench and deliver a clutch shot at any particular moment. The only thing Chicago needs at the two guard is a guy who can score well, and can play a majority of the game at that position. There is no doubt J.R. Smith can, and I believe he can be one of the key players to look for a championship next season for the Chicago Bulls.

Feel free to express your opinions.

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great fit.

j.r. would help rose a lot specially in scoring, and when smith focus he can be one of the greatest players in the league. He can drive and shoot really well. defenses would have to focus on rose and j.r. would get a lot of open looks. there is only one issue: which j.r. smith will show up. the amazing scorer or the insconstant and hard do deal with player. But if i were the bulls i would take a shot at him, he is maturing, slowly but he is.

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I would say if they dont go

I would say if they dont go for Smith then they should go for Aaron Afflalo

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Big Upgrade

J.R. Smith would be a big upgrade for Bogans. Frankly, Bogans really shouldn't be starting in the NBA for anyone, much less for a contender. You have to think that the team culture is so good on the Bulls that it would shape up J.R. Smith a lot. Also, I know I've said that Rose is getting too much hype, but I do think he is leading really well by example. That is the sort of example that J.R. Smith could learn from. Smith would respect Rose from a basketball standpoint and when he saw Rose working hard and listening to the coach, Smith would as well. Both would benefit a lot. So I'm sure the Bulls will go after him, but they won't be the only team in the hunt.

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I think he would be a pretty

I think he would be a pretty good addition but i cant really tell cause its kinda hard 2 imagine the bulls any better than they already are.

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I think he'd be a perfect

I think he'd be a perfect fit, but i also think he serves better asa 6th man, so start bogans but play smith starter minutes like they did in denver with him and dahntay jones, but if they dont get him i'd oj mayo or courtney lee if possible.

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