should bobcats trade #2 for bonafide scorer/star?

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should bobcats trade #2 for bonafide scorer/star?

They need a bonafide scorer/star.

possible candidates?


al jefferson


pau gasol

josh smith

tyreke evans

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I say no. Even if they go out

I say no. Even if they go out and get a Granger, Evans, or Iggy then they will still be horrible. The only thing that is going to make the Bobcats better is time and lottery picks. Give this team 3 more top 5 picks and we might have something to watch. They just need to build through the draft. It's going to be slow and painful, but they really don't have a choice.

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If I was charolette I would

If I was charolette I would just keep the pick and hope however they choose develops into a very good player. Honestly, even if the Bobcats added any one of the names listed above they still would not come close to reaching the playoffs. Rather start over and hope you draft well in the next few years (ala OKC)

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If I'm going to trade a #2

If I'm going to trade a #2 pick in this deep, talented draft class, I want to ensure that player is commited to the team and won't walk away in the FA pool after a couple of seasons a la Deron Williams. I think this is where whoever Charlotte chooses to be head coach comes into play. For example, If Jerry Sloan chooses to sign with the Bobcats, it would be enticing to a player.

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The only way I see Bobcats

The only way I see Bobcats giving up the 2nd pick is for Portlands 6th and 11th and I am not sure if the Blazers want to do that either. At 6 you are guaranteed to have either Robinson, Beal, Drummond, or Barnes there. Bobcats could take whoever is left. Most likely Barnes or Drummond and then have the 11pick as well to select Austin Rivers or Perry Jones. But its not like its a horrible idea to select Robinson and wait for more lottery picks

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Evans would be the only realistic trade option

But he hasn't really been tearing up since his amazing rookie year...

All the other players on your list have big contracts and none of them are going to make The Bobcats better longterm...they'd be better off keeping the pick or attempting to make a trade with The Blazers for The 6th and 11th picks in the draft...

They would love to trade the 2nd pick and Tyrus Thomas for Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum or Deron Williams BUT I don't think any of those teams would take that offer

and would Howard, Bynum or D Will even sign in Charlote if they could get a team to take the offer of the 2nd pick and Tyrus Thomas...

The Lakers would love to dump Gasol for the 2nd pick, but I don't think they'd give up Bynum for Drummond or MKG...

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Not a fading star

All the guys you have listed, except Tyreke, are either past their prime, or maxed out their potential. Before you start hitting the negative button, I amjust saying Evans is the only one, from the list, that Charlotte would even consider dealing the pick for. Evans is still young and still has a lot of potential. Ya, no jumpshot, but neither did MJ at that age. Like Razor said, he'll also have to commit to staying there of course. Evans will bring star power, scorer, and can play multiple positions, while they need help at quite a few spots. Two gaurds in Walker and Evans who can play either the 1 or 2 at any given time can be very effective. Evans/Walker will be what Sac-Town was hoping to have with Evans/Freddette.

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as far as the Blazers

as far as the Blazers picks....if Charlotte could get some certainty that Barnes will be there at 6, then would be better than the # 2 pick to me because with the 11th....Perry Jones, Jared Sullinger, Tyler Zeller, Arnett Moultrie, Terrence Ross, John Henson, Jeremy Lamb, Austin Rivers, etc...could all be available. At 11, I would take any of those guys. Basically, I think as bad as Charlotte is, in such a deep draft where there is not a lot of separation...2 lottery picks are better than 1.

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I think this is another draft

I think this is another draft where Charlotte will screw up and have it bite them on the rear. The will pass on Barnes and watch as he becomes a top 20 scorer. They will take Drummond who will not develop until he leaves them. They will take Robinson and he will play well but hurt Biyombo's development. They will move DJ for a vet and DJ will become a solid starter in a fast pace offense and make them look really bad because the vet will be not be very productive. If I was Charlotte. I would try to take Barnes. Trade Maggette for some solid vets or under the radar young players. I would sign Jamison and some other vets that can still play.

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i wouldnt play for charoltte

i wouldnt play for charoltte if the cheerleaders all looked like scarlet johansson and megan fox and was told i could bang all of them

actually maybe im lieing if that was the case???

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No, but I don't think MKG

No, but I don't think MKG makes much sense for a team that scored 86 ppg last season. They need a lot of help, but a guy like Barnes who can fill it up and play the 2 and 3 might make more sense.

I'm not saying don't draft the BPA, but if you do you can get your guy and a vet or some case along with him during a draft day trade. A lot of the time the lower draft pick ends up being a better fit anyways.

Antwan Jamison for Vince Carter

Penny Hardaway for Chris Webber

Kevin Love for OJ Mayo

None of those guys made much sense for the team that drafted them, yet they were picked anyway and traded for a guy that made more sense for their roster, plus a little on the side to sweeten the deal.

The Bobcats should draft the "perceived" BPA, but they should get their guy...and I feel it's Barnes, and if not him Lamb or Beal. I feel all 3 of those guys are better fits than MKG, but also guys that would be a reach at #2.

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The Bobcats just need to build

from scratch. MKG is a nice start.

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imo the should trade the pick

the bobcats are so bad they need too add as many bodies as possible and having two lotto picks in this deep draft is much better than just the 2 if the blazers and imo the blazers would do it trade 6 and 11 and i wouldnt mind if the bobcats retraded the 11 too say the celts whod love too move into the lotto for the celts 21 and 22 picks having 3 first round picks this year would be great for the bobcats

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I say no to trading the draft pick. The Bobcats need too much and one star player still won't be enough to compete even in the eastern conference. They need to build as stated above and as they get better they need to add a star or two.

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Rudy Gay?

Would the Bobcats bite on Rudy Gay if Memphis decided to move him so they can play inside out with Gasol and Randolph and maybe draft MKG at #2 to replace Gay. This would be hard to see from Memphis point of view, but Gay doesn't work well with their gameplan of pounding the ball inside and they play better without him sometimes. MKG would fit right in with his hardwork, gritty hardnose defense, toughness, etc. And for the Bobcats they receive a young 20 point scorer who only 24 with lots of potential to build with.

Only other trades i could see them doing is trading down for Portlands #6 and #11 Portland falls in love with Drummond. Or the Kings falling for Drummond thinking his defensive ability and potential would work well with Cousins in the low post. And are willing to trade Evans and the 5th pick for the 2nd.

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evans and the 5th? no. picks 2-6 are pretty much all the same tier. chances are the 6th pick will be as good or better than the 2nd pick.

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