Should the 76ers take a chance on Big Al Jefferson???

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Should the 76ers take a chance on Big Al Jefferson???

The last two All Star Bigmen we've tried to build around have failed to produce the results we expected (Brand and Bynum)

Would it be wise to invest big money on Big Al??? He is a 20 and 10 type, a hand full down low and young enough to grow with Holiday and the 11th pick...But he has had some injuries in the past and isn't a good defender, so I'm nervous about giving him a huge contract...

We need a lot of help and A low post threat is one of them, just don't know if we can get a shot blocker next to Jefferson in the draft unless we get Withey or Dieng with the 35th pick, don't want to waste the 11th pick on a shot blocker...

Could Jefferson and Hawes start together? ? ? Would Thad and Big Al at Pf and C be too small, Arnett Moultrie has good size and Athletism but he's not skilled enough to start in the NBA yet...Hawes is a soon to be Free Agent anyway so we may have to see what Moultrie has at Center, Lavoy Allen should not play major minutes and becomes a free agent next year along with Hawes and Turner...

Thad Young, Al Jefferson, Arnett Moultrie and Jeff Withey would be a solid core of big men going forward, still may need a athletic shot blocker or stretch 4 to spread the d and defend the paint...

Thoughts on Jefferson to the 76ers?

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The 76ers need all the help

The 76ers need all the help they can get. Having Big Al for them is better then not having him. He would be the best option out of those guys at the pf spot.

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Al Jeff is a stopgap, which

Al Jeff is a stopgap, which they'll need since they won't be good for a while. He's productive, but his numbers don't match his impact. I wouldn't sign him for any longer than 3 yrs though, looking to trade him after the 2nd yr.
After seeing his impact on the teams that he's been on, I don't think he's the answer to anyone's problems. Millsap's more of a difference maker than Jefferson is IMO.

A Hawes/Jefferson frontcourt would be good offensively but pretty bad defensively. Both are slow footed.

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Would be a great pickup they

Would be a great pickup they could use help at PF/C especially if they let a certain oft-injured center leave via free agency.

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More like should Al take a chance on Philly?

Everyone here starts topics assuming "their" team can sign any FA they want. It doesn't work like that. Al has a lot of options and I'd bet Philly doesn't top his list.

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Hawes and Jefferson could start together as a high low combo. Thad, to me, is a 3 anyway who has been playing 4. If I hear Withey mentioned again I'll cry. He has no NBA ability and has 3rd stringer stamped on his forehead

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I'll agree he isn't very

I'll agree he isn't very skilled but dude has a large defensive impact and doesn't leave his feet to much like many shot blockers. I've also seen him hit a few jump shots even a three one time and it looked fairly natural. Probably not a huge impact player but I think he has a very clear role in the nba as a bench big who brings defense/energy and doesn't have to worry so much about not fouling out of games or offense outside of Birdman range. There you go, Birdman minus tattoos and a little muscle.

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i like this

i like this

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