Should the 76ers re-sign Hawes?

So the 76ers added another big man last night with Arnett Moultrie and another guy who can play the power forward small forward in Maurice Harkless. With these additions and they eventual re-signing of Lavoy Allen, I wonder if the 76ers should re-sign Spencer Hawes. When key moments happened in the majority of the playoffs Hawes rarely saw minutes, with Doug Collins preferring Lavoy Allen to him. I imagine Nikola Vucevic will continue developing and the 76ers still have Elton Brand.

So do the 76ers overpay to re-sign Hawes? Hawes is 7 feet tall so they will have to overpay to retain him.

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I think The Sixers should do a Sign and Trade

Maybe with Houston for example..

The Sixers would love to add Terrence Jones or Royce White and not have to overpay Hawes because they have Vucevic/Allen and Moultrie...White or Jones would play Pf behind Brand while you hope the trio of Vucevic/Allen and Moultrie hold down the Center Spot...Elton could see a lot of minutes at C in his final season to allow the young Pf's more time at their natural positions...

Hawes is still very young and offensively gifted, he can give the Hornets size and skill at the Center spot and the ability to allow one of the young Pf's to play a major role in the offense

Patterson/Morris/Montiejunas/White/Jones...1 of them could emerge into the Pf of the future next to Hawes...

Scola will likely be trade along with Kevin Martin now that the Rockets have drafted his replacement in Jeremy Lamb

The Rockets would be able to build around Lowry,Lamb and Hawes, having Patterson/Parsons/Morris/Montiejunas/White or Jones to ran at the F spots as well...

Scola/Martin and Parsons could be traded for Rudy Gay IMO, who says no to that offer???

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