Shots at the End of Quarters

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Shots at the End of Quarters

I have gone back and fourth on this for some time now, but last night triggered something for me. I know Durant came out about a month ago and admittted that he purposely did not shoot out of range shots at the end of quarters because he would most likely miss and it hurts his shooting percentage. He is a young guy and if the game is not in the balance, I understand it, to a point.

However, last night in the Bulls/Heat game the Heat are trailing and Ray Allen has the ball at the end of the third quarter right around half court and had the time to let a shot go, but took an extra dribble and fired it up (and missed) after the horn blew. The game was close, the streak was on the line and who are we kidding, Ray has cemented his history in this game as one of the best shooters of all time. He can keep playing for a few years, if he wants, but he is long past his prime when he had to worry about his FG% hurting him in contract negotiations. Why did you not take the freakin shot during regulation Ray?!

Does this bother anyone else? If not, I guess I need the playoffs to get here.

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Bothers me that they think

Bothers me that they think that the one maybe two at most opportunities they get a game to heave a shot like that is really going to have a noticeable impact on their percentages. Durant is playing for a contract and neither is Allan, these numbers are arbitrary in their case. I can understand a guy like Jodie Meeks or Daquan Cook who's salary might depend on their 3pt%, but at the end of the day I want a competitor who isn't worried about that kind of stuff. I'm real curious to see the other side of the argument from a fans perspective.

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As a fan, I love watching

As a fan, I love watching those heaves. It's a win-win for me. Some of the misses are so bad I get a laugh out of them. Think Roscoe Smith from UCONN when he threw a heave wayyy over the hoop and into the stands.

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Any opportunity to score

Any opportunity to score should be taken. KD was honest but he's a sucker for that one. He will be in the 50/40/90 club regardless why not take the shot smh.

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