Sherwood Brown

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Sherwood Brown

This kid has a crazy motor. Could he play in the nba as a Tony Allen type? F GC looking good!

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anythings possible but

anythings possible but honestly ive never even heard of this kid before tonight. i like the hype that comes along with a good game and even a great season but its the NBA were talking about, not sure if he will ever suit up

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Well I remember Kyle O'quinn

Well I remember Kyle O'quinn was unheard of until Norfolk St. beat Missouri. Sherwood Brown could end up like him. He should definitely be looked at; A-SUN player of the year, and this spectacular performance tonight. He showed great leadership too.

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I bet he's going to the

I bet he's going to the Portsmouth, now. I don't doubt he'll be among guys being considered and he may get a stab at summer ball. I'm not going to pretend I know a lot about his game, but guys make opportunities for themselves through tournament play and Brown has made a good first step.

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