Shawn Marion

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Shawn Marion

Random thought that's bugged me. Even though I am a Warriors fan, I feel like if Blatt gave Marion some run at 4 the Cavs would have had a better chance to win the series.

Still could be a 10th man tweener for a championship contender.

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The Matrix!

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Blatt should have swallowed the red pill

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is a shell of his once self. He relied on his athleticism and now he is just not effective. With Moz, TT and LBJ crushing the Warriors on the glass, I don't think you give up that huge advantage and go small. That would play into the Warriors hands.

With no Love or Irving, the Cavs didn't need the floor spacing that a 3rd perimeter player would bring. They played through Lebron at the mid wing and it was nearely unstoppable. LBJ still hit one of the 2 guards for an open three, so the offense was working as well as you could hope with no Love or Irving. If I were Blatt, I'd focus on defense and rebounder... not giving the Warriors open looks on scrabble offensive rebounds.

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I don't think so. Marion was

I don't think so. Marion was completely useless and ineffective when the cavs did give him some mins. earlier last season. The cavs signed him and Miller hoping they had enough left in the tank to be valuable role players who could provide veteran experience. However, it became clear early on that they were both running on empty. I'm pretty sure Marion knew he could no longer be effective, which is why he announced his retirement during the season last year. I'm kind of shocked Miller decided to keep playing, especially considering all the back problems he has had.

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he is a shell of himself!!

he is a shell of himself!! but a lot of folks were saying the same thang!!!! I felt he would've provided much offensively!!! but could've helped gave lebron some relief by helping guarded klay and Andre

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IIRC he wasn't really fully

IIRC he wasn't really fully healthy in the play-offs either ,read that somewhere during the finals ..could be wrong though

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