Shawn Glover

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Shawn Glover

The 2014 NBA draft has some big names up at the top, but in my opinon the 2nd round is wide open. One very good college player, who is probably a longshot at this point, but does a lot of things I like, is Oral Roberts' senior forward, Shawn Glover.

Glover is a bit of a combo forward, but he's an athletic 6'7'', can operate on the wing, and can score at a high clip, but does so on good shot selection and taking smart shots from outside.

Glover is averaging 21.8 ppg 5.8 rpg 1.9 apg, but also blocks 1.6 shots per game and steals the ball almost once per contest.

Despite playing in a smaller conference, Oral Roberts has played their share of major conference and ranked opponents ( which is how I remember him ) and has yet to fail to produce in a brighter spotlight.

21 points 9 rebounds 2 assists vs. Kansas State

18 points 4 rebounds 1 assists vs. St. Louis

24 points 5 rebounds 2 assists vs. Wisconsin

22 points 3 rebounds 1 assists vs. Wichita State

22 points 5 rebounds 0 assists vs. Baylor

All of those teams are currently ranked, or were at one point in the season and Glover's production was not effected by better competition.

I would expect he'd get an invite to the Portsmouth Invitational, and I think he's a guy to keep an eye out for going forward in this wide open 2nd round.

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Shout Out to Joe Wolf!

Shawn Glover was awarded All-Spanish LEB Gold Forward of the Year and voted to 1st Team and voted to All-Imports Team.

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