Shaun Powell's take on Melo deal... same idea as mine

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Shaun Powell's take on Melo deal... same idea as mine

I'm too tired to comment on this Melo saga... Good thing Shaun Powell was able to read my mind...

Addition of selfish 'Melo makes Knicks good, not special

Posted Feb 22 2011 1:05AM

He'll be hailed a hero Wednesday at the Garden, which happens when a city that was subjected to a decade of basketball purgatory finally sees the light, in the form of a star who shoots lights out. But the Knicks won't be anything special on the court anytime soon, because Carmelo Anthony, more than looking out for the Knicks, was looking out for himself.

He could've told the Knicks to skip the major trade late Monday night that cost them Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler. This was a deal made with the Nuggets because 'Melo craved his money more than those teammates.

He wanted the cash he possibly stood to lose -- $15 million, perhaps? -- under the next labor agreement if he waited and signed with the Knicks as a free agent this summer or whenever the NBA re-opens for business. That would've allowed the Knicks to keep three young and talented players and, along with Melo and Amar'e Stoudemire and Landry Fields, New York would upgrade to contender status almost instantly.

But in order to receive a contract extension that will pay him the max, roughly $20 million-plus a season, 'Melo had to join the Knicks now. Which means those players, and any thoughts of the Knicks causing a shiver in Boston or Chicago or Miami anytime soon, had to be sacrificed.

So while there is salvation in New York today, it will surely be tempered by reality tomorrow. And that will last at least until the Knicks bear down on their next target in two years: Deron Williams or Chris Paul, whoever whines the loudest. Maybe Dwight Howard if they're extremely fortunate.

Yes, what the 'Melo deal means is that the rebuilding of the Knicks isn't complete; it merely continues. They're hardly a polished product, not with 'Melo, Stoudemire, an aging Chauncey Billups, an underachieving Corey Brewer and assorted misfits. If anything, the Knicks right now are what the Nuggets were before the trade. Very good, but not special. That's why coach Mike D'Antoni and general manager Donnie Walsh were lukewarm about giving up so many assets, especially for a one-dimensional player. If nothing else, the Knicks could've dealt Gallinari and a throw-in for a rebounding center, allowing Stoudemire to stick permanently at his natural power forward spot. But 'Melo wanted his money, and strictly from a financial standpoint, could you blame him? Many players in the prime of their careers would've done the same.

The Nets were never in the picture. Not really. Anthony's heart was set on the Knicks from the start. The Nets were strung along for months and used as leverage. They finally reached the conclusion that 'Melo would never agree to a contract extension and therefore it made no sense to make a trade just to rent him for two months. Their last-minute posturing with the Nuggets last weekend was only done to weaken the Knicks. Mission accomplished.

At least New York can boast of having a star, or actually two, with Stoudemire. Assuming Stoudemire is cool with being in Melo's shadow -- remember, Stoudemire wasn't so comfortable with the perception of him carrying Steve Nash's bags in Phoenix -- the two should complement each other very well on offense. Neither is much on defense, and that's why the Knicks can't be taken seriously as a championship contender. Yes, even with two players on the floor who started in Sunday's All-Star Game, the Knicks need more help.

And help is coming in 2012. Neither Williams nor Paul are passing the ball to this kind of talent in Utah and New Orleans. The pull of the big city, plus the promise of multiple assist titles, should be enough for the Knicks to steal one of those point guards. As for Howard, he'd have to shrink his considerable ego to make it work in New York, which might be doable by then. In any event, that would give the Knicks the three elite players needed to think in championship terms, if only because by then, the Celtics will be chugging Geritol on the bench.

For sure, this isn't a day of celebration for small-market teams, and the recent wave of player movement to exotic and glamour cities is a cause for the owners to adopt this summer at the negotiating table. It is, however, a basketball milestone of sorts in New York, a place that hasn't made the playoffs in six years, nor advanced beyond the first round in 10 years. The Knicks now have an exciting player, someone cut in the Bernard King mold. 'Melo Madness is upon the city.

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The Knicks could have waited

The Knicks could have waited until after the season was over and still made the trade as Melo's $65 million 3 year extension was still on the table until 30th June I believe.

Having looked at the deal, you can say that the Knicks have not got a bad package, to lose Gallinari was sad as I never like teams moving young prospects but he has been replaced by a franchise player in Melo who is only 26 years old himself so there is a huge upgrade their. Ray Felton was playing well and is considerably younger than Chauncy Billups but Billups has championship experience and unless they saw Felton as a long term PG then that move is neutral. Also with the likes of Nash and Kidd playing into their late 30's, Chauncy may have a few years left in him and the Knicks might be able to extend him and maybe look at say Dwight Howard instead of CP3 or D-Will in 2012.

Losing Wilson Chandler is a blow but Renaldo Balkman, Sheldon Williams and Corey Brewer can cover his minutes along with those of Timofy Mosgov. Getting Brewer for two out of favour players was a nice deal for the Knicks. Anthony Carter can fill a few minutes but might be brought out. The Knicks probably still have as much roster depth as they did pre the deal being done.

Giving up a first rounder 3 years down the line and a couple of 2nd rounders isn't too mad either.

With the core of Billups, STAT and Melo in place, Fields stays at SG with Turiaf at C I'd assume giving a bench from Sheldon Williams,Shawne Williams Brewer, Rautins, Balkman, Douglas and Walker mainly.

The Knicks will have a likely draft pick in the 15 to 20 range this year so will probably take the most NBA ready player for where they most need depth as Coach D'Antoni isn't huge on rookie projects and someone who can give minutes from the bench from day one would give the Knicks extra depth.

They can also use their MLE if available to try and add a solid veteran presence or two along with veteran minimum signings etc.

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I think you can view the

I think you can view the trade multiple ways but here is my overall take for each team involved.

1. T-Wolves-

Great move. Only giving up Corey Brewer, who was not going to be brought back regardless, and adding Randolph who still has that potential people talk about. Randolph also adds athleticism and length to the front court and should be a nice backup for Millicic. He gives the Wolves what Pekovic doesn't. Curry will most likely be a non-factor.

2. Knicks-

For the short-term...horrible move IMO as they gave up 4 players who could start in this league. They gave up the entire core for ultimately Melo, Billups, and a weak side cast. That being said, this move gives the Knicks the potential to become a force in the East. While I don't think a trio of Melo, Amare, and Billups will get it done, the opportunity that they now have to bring in a guy like D-Will or CP3 next year gives the Knicks a chance to build a dominant trio and compete for a title in the future. Overall, I like the move as I feel that the way things have played out over the last few years, you now need a cast including multiple superstars to truly compete for a title.

3. Nuggs-

LOVE IT. Odds on they were going to lose Melo after this year regardless. They stuck to their guns and got a TON in return. The way things have played out over the course of the last 4-5 seasons, the Nuggs were never going to take the title. The were going to continue to be a very solid team in the West who would continue to make the playoffs, win a round, and then bottom out. They needed to rebuild and now they have an unbelievable amount of assets to trade and keep, allowing them to bolster their lineup in the future. Hell of a job making the best out of a bad situation.

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