Shaq to Sacramento?

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Shaq to Sacramento?

Looks like Shaq is going to mentor Demarcus Cousins and try to help him achieve his potential. It may be too early, but wow is this ownership group led by Vivek Ranadive doing work and putting Sactown back on the map. There really trying to shape up this franchise which is sick from a kings fan's perspective. I would love to see Shaq hired by the Kings as a big man coach.

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I hope shaq convinces him to

I hope shaq convinces him to stay with kings while he's in his prime lol and not bolt for free agency like he did

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LOL Yeah Shaq makes him a

LOL Yeah Shaq makes him a Star then Mentors him to the Lakers.That would really suck for Kings fan. Especially how things went down in the Western Finals

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How the times change. A while

How the times change. A while ago Shaq called this team the Queens...

Non the less this would be a nice addition and a first step in the right direction.

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While I respect Shaq to the

While I respect Shaq to the highest degree and he was a great player, I'm not sure giving a goofy player a goofy coach is going to be that effective...

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Shaq might act immature alot

Shaq might act immature alot of the time..But he is 1 of the few former great players that actually knows what they're talking about when it comes to the game of basketball......His analysts,insights on players and behind the scene tidbits are much better then Magic..

Shaq wasnt as fundamentally sound as Duncan,but he had a high basketball IQ and was a good passer...He's going to help DeMarcus alot by teaching him how to play inside....Becuz no way in the world should a big man with his talent be shooting 44% fg.....

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Shaq may be "goofy", but I've

Shaq may be "goofy", but I've always felt like a lot of that was just an act to promote himself. Remember: the NBA is a business, and Shaq was one of the best at marketing himself. I've always loved Shaq, and was blown away with his professionalism while he played for the Celtics. He knows when he needs to be serious and when to put a smile on. I know he's going to educate Cousins on this, and hopefully teach him some moves as well.

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I like this idea. Shaq was

I like this idea. Shaq was physically more imposing than Cousins but it seems to me that Cousins ability to shoot that mid range jumper is going to help his development. Shaq can help teach him some of the ways to set up moves that Shaq was efficient at. Like Shaq, Cousins seems to have very good feet for a fella as big as he is, throwing in fakes, jabs and different misdirection movements will only help Cousins game.

And perhaps most importantly, having the most dominant big man of all time as a mentor should immediately earn the respect of a player. These young players like Cousins who is only 22 didnt have a chance to see a guy like Patrick Ewing play in his prime, or Kareem so it makes the most sense, at least in my mind, that they choose a guy that Demarcus has certainly seen play and may be able to help him with the off the court stuff as well as the on court. PR was something Shaq learned to handle very well, a trait Demarcus could certainly use a little bit of help with

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I think he's doing this just

I think he's doing this just to make Dwight Howard mad..Not sure why Shaq dislikes DH so much but he goes out of his way to take jabs at him.

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After hearing the reports

After hearing reports of Kenny being a candidate for the GM role, it wouldn't surprise me if they went after Chuck or C-Webb next. The new ownership has been very cerebral in the sense that they are looking for popular television personalities in an attempt to arouse fan interest and gain wide spread publicity.

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