Shaq to Cavs

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Shaq to Cavs

Shaq for Sasha and Ben Wallace

Phx- Gets Money off the books (20 Million)

Cle- gets a defender for Dwight Howard

The Bad
Phx- They are throwing in the towel, Kerr doesn't know how to GM. Amare will be gone before the summer is over, Nash wants out. Great you have Robin Lopez as your future. Kerr For Gm of the Year.

Cle- They get Shaq which will clog of the lane for Lebron. Shaq can't play the pick and roll and that is what Orlando does so i have no idea how this is good for Cle. Plus they didn't solve their main problem of not being able to defend hedo. They needed a perimter defender more then anything. maybe a Barns or maybe try to go for Ariza for Odom.

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Yeah they improve but not by

Yeah they improve but not by much. They have to make other moves cause they still arent able to defend the pick and roll or match up with the 4's that Orlando can put out there. I dont know how great Shaq is going to be for them. He is a year older and more prone to an injury. How much playing time is he going to get. Does this mean Ilguaskas us going to go or not play as much. Plus, he only has one more year left on his contract, so it will be interesting to see what happens. Howard avg 20pts and 7.5 rpg against PHx this year, while only playing 26mpg

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Suns also receive pick 46 in

Suns also receive pick 46 in the draft.

I agree the Suns are throwing in the towel and starting over.

I wouldn't be surprised if Steve Nash is dealt within the next 48 hours. Possibly to the Blazers.

And don't forget Amare has been mentioned in a couple of trades this offseason as well.

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they actually only save about 10 million if they cut Sasha. This is obviously a throw in the towel move by them. But one thing that could really hurt them is that the Thunder own their first round pick next year. I've read the Suns are trying to give the Thunder the 14th pick in exchange for the 25th and to get next years pick back. But if I were the Thunder, I would'nt do it seeing as how it looks like the Suns are about to blow it up and next years pick should be even better.

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Nothin could clog the lane

Nothin could clog the lane for Lebron are you serious i know that and ima kobe fan

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What? In case you didn't notice, big Z could shoot, so Howard had to constantly keep an eye on Z. Which did help open the lane. Now you add a guy who's range extends all of 8-10ft? Howard will LIVE in the paint against the Cavs.

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Only save about 10 million if they cut Sasha.
Thats a lot of money and they are probably going to trade Nash, Stoudemire to save more money.

This is what Kerr got for Shawn Marion an aging center which turned into Ben Wallace & Sasha Pavlovic.
Great job now try and get rid of JRich's contract that would be something.

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