Shane Larkin(University Of Miami Guard)

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Shane Larkin(University Of Miami Guard)

He's been playing very well this year...but he's small.

What's everyones opinions on him? NBA player? Or Just great college player?

Only a Sophomore right now.

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He looks like a really good

He looks like a really good college player who has really improved this year but I still have doubts about his NBA potential. Even though he plays in the ACC he hasn't faced great competition especially opposing PGs. I think only Brown and maybe Curry have a shot at the NBA. He can shoot but not lights out and isn't a great passer or defender. He is a very good college PG but I don't see him being in the NBA with his lack of size. If you are going to be under 6 ft in the NBA you need supreme athleticism and I don't think Larkin has that.

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I was shocked to see how easy

I was shocked to see how easy he dunked two feet two hands yesterday. It just goes to show how athletic all these guys really are when he's not even considered a great athlete.

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In a way he's a poor man's

In a way he's a poor man's version of Trey Burke......

Before the season started Shane have told some people here in Orlando that he wants to be as successful in basketball as his dad was in baseball...And its showing by the way he's improved his game...

This kid really wants to succeed and make his name in basketball....I dont see him going in the 1st round if he came out this year..But i can see him getting some looks in the 2nd round..Teams like guys like him that plays hard and have great motors.....

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He's an NBA player. Possible

He's an NBA player. Possible late first round pick next yr. He needs to improve his playmaking. He's already good at attacking off of ball screens. The next step for him will be making more plays off the PnR. Shane's already improved his shooting, he's got jets and he's a smart player too.

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Shane larkin can

Shane larkin can is on youtube.

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Size isn't as big

Size isn't as big of an issue at the PG position in the league as long as you have the offensive skillset and he does. He will be a bit of a defensive liability because of his height but you tell me 25 guys who are better players that are draft eligible this year? He will get drafted by someone in the 2nd half of the 1st round if he goes.

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Time out

Sewok you think Seth curry has a chance but not Shane Larkin? Are u serious? I mean ima huge duke fan but the fact is Seth curry isn't that athletic and can't get his own shot off. Not to mention he's only 6ft 2. And again Larkin is a sophomore. So ur saying Isaiah Thomas of the kings, Nate Robinson, JJ barea can be in the league yet Larkin can't?

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can play 2

ok just gonna say this, alot of ppl thought eric decker wasnt gonna be good in the nfl, cuz of the school he played at (MN Gophers) and he wasnt fast enough... ect ect. but he played 2 sports at a high level, he was also on the baseball team, i watched a documentary about pro players in any sport and the ones that are really good in the pro usally can play 2 sports at a high level, larkin can hoop n play baseball, i think he can make it in the pros, i dont know how long his career will last but i know he can make money in basketball.

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