Shane Larkin vs Pierre Jackson

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Shane Larkin vs Pierre Jackson

Better pro?

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Shane Larkin

Pierre Jackson was an absolute stud this past year and underrated as a college player, but I guess that was warranted due to the success of his team. Shane Larkin has the best chances in the NBA. He has rare traits for someone his age. I was impressed by his leadership last year in a starting five of four seniors and him being a sophomore. In the end Larkin has more potential as well.

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I say larkin for his defense,

I say larkin for his defense, could make a avery bradley type impact. Pierre has that knack i could see him making a will bynum type impact for his team in the right position

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id go for larkins aswell

id go for larkins aswell

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I think Larkin has a good

I think Larkin has a good chance to be the best PG out of this draft. The main concerns about him are about his size, which are legitimate concerns but it is something I think he can overcome to be a starting PG in the league. he has a suprisingly quick first step, he can shoot well and catch fire at times (ACC Championship Game) and he is a good playmaker. He has good vision and was the leader of a good Miami team that would have gotten no where without him. He makes players around him better and thats what you want out of your pg.

I'm not sure there are any other PG's I feel will have a good career out of this draft. I think burke is highly overated and will prove to be a good back up pg, but not a starter. Same thing with Jackson, quality backup but not a starter.

MCW has the talent to be an all star if he reaches his potential but he also could turn out to be a major bust. He really needs to work on his shot and decision making, if he does those things he will have a good career (probably better than Larkin's) but its too early to tell with him.

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I'll take Larkin since he's a

I'll take Larkin since he's a better decision maker after 2 yrs than Pierre is after 4. Jackson was great this yr but he still didn't shake his tendencies for taking bad shots and and forcing the issue.

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The way I see it, and

The way I see it, and understand this is my personal opinion, but Larkin reminds me of DJ Augustin with better defense and Pierre reminds me of a slightly taller Nate Robinson. Either way neither of them are starting PGs in the league.

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I like both as solid backups. I think the way that Larkin lead that Miami team to all of their success this year (granted, not so much in the tourney) displays that he is a legit floor general, so I'd choose him. He'd be the perfect backup for one of the elite PGs. He is worthy of a late 1st to mid 2nd round pick. A team that tries to use him as a starter might be disappointed.

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