Shane Larkin

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Shane Larkin

What kind of pro player can he be? I see a lot of DJ Augustin similarities at the collegiate level. But dude is big time as he's proving against UNC. Trey Burke is in a similar place, without QUITE as good change of pace or quickness, but better strength.

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He kinda reminds of who

He kinda reminds of who Austin Rivers is trying to be, quick,can shoot, can get in the land, great floater,but Larkin can pass

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He's quicker and more

He's quicker and more athletic overall than Augustin.
I don't care about his size, he's a first rounder next yr. He just knows how to play. He's quick, decisive, fearless and he already knows how to play PnR basketball. He's currently a better scorer of ball screens, but he's shown glimpses of better playmaking.

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He's beefy too. Dude is fun

He's beefy too. Dude is fun to watch. I was just going to make a post about championship week's best players.

Tony snell was very impressive

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I'm very impressed with

I'm very impressed with Larkin. I like your DJ Augustin comparison too. I don't think he will declare unless Miami makes the final four. But he is a great shooter and a smart player. Plus he plays with a lot of confidence and is the leader of a team full of upperclassmen. He is a great college player and I think he will have a solid pro career

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He should be a solid pro because he can run a team. He makes good decisions with the ball. He is a good pick and role player. He can shoot or attack the basket on the screen. He can also make the good pass off the screen as well. He is one of those guys that the more you watch him play the more you like his game. He is going to continue to work on his game and that is what yo love the most about this kid. He is committed to be excellent. That is a skill that you can't coach.

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What I like about Larkin is

What I like about Larkin is how he always seems to be under control. He can turn up the pace without getting sloppy... I good indicator that his floor is high for the NBA.

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Good pro prospect

He reminds me of Tony Parker in the way he runs the P&R and runs the team. He can score when needed or make the right play to get his team involved. He's real balanced in his approach to the game depending on how the game is going determines what Shane Larkins show up, the scorer or the passer. Overall good pro prospect only knock would be his height.

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