Shabazz Napier

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Shabazz Napier

Love his game, reminds me of Starbury.. Their games are alike, but Steph was more athletic. Heres highlights from the florida game. Early POY Candidate???

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I'm big on Shabazz napier he

I'm big on Shabazz napier he has the heart of a lion. Kid played the end of last season with a broken foot. He put his career on the line for a team that didnt even have a chance at the post season. That takes some big stones. With all that he has done he may still not crack the first round sad to say.

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I think Shabazz can play in

I think Shabazz can play in the NBA, and be a productive player too. What makes someone like Eric Maynor or Norris Cole any better than Shabazz? People tend to undervalue upper classman because they didn't light it up since day one, and overlook how that player has refined their game over time. Shabazz is a smart player who has NBA range on his jumpshot, and can lead a team. He might not be a starting NBA player, but I would be shocked if a contender didn't snag him at the end of the first round.

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If Isiah Thomas (the younger)

If Isiah Thomas (the younger) can find a way on a team in the league, Napier will, too.

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