Shabazz Napier

We all know he can score, is a great defender but is a checker.... Well, this year he is getting 7.8 assist to 2.5 TOs, that is a better than a 3:1 a/to ratio. His scoring is down but I expect to balance things out.

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I like his game. I think he

I like his game. I think he is gonna be a solid NBA backup and possibly starter in the right situation.

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Yeah, hes legit after

Yeah, hes legit after tonight.. Hes always reminded me of Marbury. Hes got a great feel for the game and hes a good leader. I think a Jordan Farmar/Mo Williams role suits him. Off the bench and produce whether its scoring or setting teammates up. Love his game

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Dominated the 'ville... He can make 'hard shots'.... One of my preseason predictions was that he was gonna end up in the 1st rnd when he was projected undrafted.... Def gonna get picked

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He always reminded me of

He always reminded me of Jerryd Bayless for some reason. I think he'll have a similar career as well.

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