Shabazz Muhammad FREED to Play!!!

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Shabazz Muhammad FREED to Play!!!

Look out comes Bazz!!!

NCAA Article

The NCAA and UCLA have resolved the eligibility case of Shabazz Muhammad. UCLA acknowledged amateurism violations occurred and asked the NCAA on Friday afternoon to reinstate Muhammad. The university required the student-athlete to miss 10 percent of the season (three games) and repay approximately $1,600 in impermissible benefits. The NCAA agreed the actions taken by the university were sufficient. Because Muhammad has already sat out three games, he is now eligible to compete.

According to the facts of the case, which were agreed upon by the university and the NCAA staff, Muhammad accepted travel and lodging during unofficial visits to member schools. NCAA rules, which member schools create, state that student-athletes cannot receive benefits based on their athletic ability. NCAA amateurism rules are in place so that when student-athletes step onto the court, they are competing against other student-athletes who have met the same standards.

When a school discovers an NCAA rules violation has occurred, it must declare the student-athlete ineligible and may request the student-athlete’s eligibility be reinstated. The NCAA staff reviews each student-athlete reinstatement request individually based on its own merits and set of specific facts.

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I hope ucla dont let him ball

I hope ucla dont let him ball hog thats why he dnt go 2 kentucky cause he like the ball in his hands every time watch the usa u19 game i like him but he played so hard to be up there with the like of KD DROSE DIRK AND HIS TEAM LOST!!!!

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As someone who was at that game

The team completely deferred to him. He was obviously their best source of offense, no one else seemed to have an ability to create or a willingness to do so. Kyle Anderson and Archie Goodwin were the closest thing, neither provided anything close to the consistent offense that Shabazz did. He may have taken 27 shots, but he scored 35 points and was maybe the only reason is was not a complete blowout.

Team USA was just flat out not that great, Shabazz completely stood out as their best player and go-to guy. They lost their practice scrimmage to a bunch of guys they found at the gym across the street. Not bad players, though no one really that tall. The only big who contributed in the scrimmage was Tony Parker, who also was the only one who realized he was bigger than the guys he was playing.

My point is, Shabazz was very legitimate as a go-to scorer and they needed him to do so or they were not going very far. The big guys did very little, other guards were clearly not taking initiative and were generally handled. Felt the International team played a lot better together, they were a better team. They had a couple older kids, but Anthony Bennett would have been the best big on Team USA (maybe not as a prospect, but definitely as a player at that moment in time). Dario Saric, too, he would have been a legit top 10 recruit in 2012, maybe top 5. Top it off with Wiggins, Team USA was in trouble. Think if they did not have Shabazz, it would have been a total blowout.

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I thought it would've been

I thought it would've been closer if Team USA played more like a team. Despite similar unfamiliarity, the World team played more like a team whereas Team USA played like a bunch of guys taking turns. Shabazz was the biggest culprit.

He's gonna have to dial back his aggression just a tad and develop some sort of floor game, otherwise he's just gonna be a scorer and nothing else. He needs to trust his teammates or else people won't like playing with him.

Reminds me of a left-handed Jerry Stackhouse. Similar body type, body strength, aggression, pull up game, straight line driving with a little box game mixed in. Jerry was a better passer though.

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A left handed Jerry

A left handed Jerry Stackhouse is the best comparison I have ever heard for Bazz'

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amen. thank god this kid can play. i knew it would happen and im SO happy about it, and im not a huge ucla fan. i just love his game and think he will be great.

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if you look at the way jordan

if you look at the way jordan adamas is playing who has been hands down the bruins best player all 3 games averaging about 24 a night so far, i hope his minutes dont decrease at all. Actually kyle anderson has been the teams 3rd best wing behind adams and powell so far, so his minutes should drop the most with shabazz on board.

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