Shabazz Muhammad could miss first 10 games of UCLA's season

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Shabazz Muhammad could miss first 10 games of UCLA's season,0,2798610.story

I know that some people were talking about how dirty his recruitment was, but his ruling was around two trips he took to North Carolina and Duke. In other words, his recruitment to UCLA does not seem to be part of it, at least with what has been released. Still looks like Shabazz could indeed play this season and will make moves to either appeal the eligibility decision or rectify the situation. As explained here, from the above article:

A prospective student-athlete who is ruled to have received more than $1,000 in impermissible benefits must repay those benefits and would be punished by being declared ineligible for 30% of a season, according to NCAA reinstatement guidelines. UCLA has a 32-game schedule, meaning the punishment would last 10 games. The Bruins' 11th game is against Prairie View A&M — about two weeks before the start of the Pac-12 Conference season.

So, it may take a while, just do not completely give up on seeing Shabazz in a UCLA uniform. His trips to NC and Duke were paid for by family friend and North Carolina based financial advisor Benjamin Lincoln. The costs were said to be around 1500-2000 dollars. The NCAA ruled that the relationship between Shabazz's family and Lincoln made this impermissible under their guidelines.

While this is not the best news I have seen regarding eligibility, this gives legitimate belief that Shabazz might be playing by December 15, unless the appeal makes it even sooner. Well, cross our fingers as basketball/draft junkies. Also here is a little tidbit at the end that I am sure most people agree upon:

A West Coast-based NBA scout, speaking anonymously because he is not allowed to discuss college players, said Muhammad missing games would not affect his stock in next June's NBA draft.

"He's still a top-five pick, easy," the scout said.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist

Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea spearheads ‘Free Shabazz’ movement

By | The Dagger – Sat, Nov 10, 2012 12:00 PM EST

Flea performed the national anthem at Pauley Pavilion on Friday (US Presswire)If Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea had any concerns about what kind of reception he'd get at UCLA after taking classes at USC a few years ago, he found the ideal way to ensure he'd receive nothing but cheers.

Flea walked onto the court at Pauley Pavilion on Friday night to sing the national anthem clad in a baby blue shirt with the words "Free Shabazz Muhammad" written on it in black marker. The shirt, of course, was in reference to the NCAA's decision to declare the highly touted UCLA freshman indefinitely ineligible earlier in the evening as a result of extra benefits he accepted during his recruitment.

Give Flea credit for being in touch with the mood of the UCLA fan base because he wasn't the only one to express such a sentiment

A smattering of UCLA students in the student section at newly renovated Pauley Paviliondonned "Free Shabazz" shirts with his likeness on the front. And the entire section launched into a "Free Shabazz" chant in the second half of the Bruins' lopsided 86-59 rout of Indiana State.

Even UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero sounded off a bit in an unusually strongly worded statement in response to the NCAA's decision.

"We are extremely disappointed that the NCAA has made this determination," Guerrero wrote. He later added, "We believe the decision is incorrect and unjust to Shabazz. UCLA will expeditiously pursue its options to challenge this determination."

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Thankx for this updated

Thankx for this updated info.....

As a fan of West Coast basketball and Shabazz, it does give us hope that he might play this season...

But something tells me, he's going to be ineligible for the entire year.....

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I really hope he comes back

I really hope he comes back sooner rather then later. I can't help to think that college basketball is missing something when top players are being held out for long periods of time. Especially when they are potential one and dones how only have one year to leave there mark.

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haha really

i just posted something saying he would play this year and people told me i was wrong. now im looking right. he will play this once again im saying this. look back in the posts people. thank god. even if the suspension is 10 games, he WILL play.

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Th thing is if he's not

Th thing is if he's not punished then this will allow other programs to recruit players in a dirty manner.

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No programs recruited

No programs recruited illegally here, he took money from a financial adviser and used that money to take those trips to Duke and UNC. The programs themselves did nothing wrong. Shabazz took the money and maybe did it unknowingly wrong, thinking that the guy was considered a family firend and someoen who he could take money from.

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