Shabazz Muhammad

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Shabazz Muhammad

I saw someone post something about Bazz earlier, which made me want to watch some of his D-League Highlights. He has definitely dropped a lot of weight and looks like he has gained back a lot of explosiveness. He was also really crashing the offensive boards. His offensive game is still a work in progress but he definitely has a future in the NBA if he continues to work. Heres some footage from his D-League debut:

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Good video... Shabazz has NBA talent and athleticism... anyway you cannot survive in the League only with dunks... he has to develop consistent outside shot and his outside game. I'm sure he has all the tools but he has to prove he is able to put them toghether. I also think he could be better than Bennett if he will work hard.

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what is this sites

what is this sites fascination with this guy is really mind boggling.i cant think of any single player with more threads on this site than shabazz.

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Needs playing time...

Possibly the fascination is he is very talented...The Wolve are in a very tough spot. A stubborn coach he wont make the proper changes or try something new, a star player who doesn't want to be here. What they really need to do is just thro him out there and see what he can do in 30 mins a night playing with Love and Rubio. He might not be ready and do absolutely nothing and if that is the case who cares? Nothing changes where in the same spot. I'm getting really sick of Adelman and his ways.

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Always thought he had talent

I always thought he had talent. I think that while he was overrated when he was in high school he was dogged so much while he was in college that he became underrated. I thought that while he didn't necessarily takeover the college game like some hyped him up to do he still had a pretty good freshman year with 17ppg and 6rpg. He reminds me of James Harden and Lance Stephenson to a degree. I think that if Cleveland had a lower pick that he should've been the pick they made.

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I'm killing fools with him on

I'm killing fools with him on 2k

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He has an NBA work ethic and who he is as person and player didn't fit well in college. All of the reports about him leading up to draft talked about how hard he was working to improve his dribbling and athleticism. He looks like he is at least an average NBA athlete at worst. He will have his first offseason as a pro and I think he will work on his shooting and dribbling. I think he will be a solid first wing off the bench next year for them. Some players are really driven and others just work. It looks like him being drafted later humbled him. I think he is motivated to prove people wrong and be a star. Whether he gets to level I dont know, I think his peak is probably at a level around kevin martin

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