Shabazz = MKG???

The new 2013 mock draft has overtaken the homepage and they have Shabazz slotted at 4th. Personally by the end of the year I think he will prove he is a franchise changer and be the probable #1.

This site updated his page though, and put NBA player comparison to MKG... I don't like that at all! For multiple reasons.

First off MKG hasn't played an NBA game yet... Nobody knows how good or bad he will be in the league.

Second off, I've always thought of Shabazz as one hell of a scorer and I think he will continue to score in college. Especially in the pac-12.

MKG isn't even close to the scorer that Shabazz is.

I think one thing they share is a similar motor. Go-Go-Go non-stop, but I really think thats where it ends.

Personally, I think the Bobcats would have taken Shabazz over MKG this year!!! Thats besides the point though.

Pretty sure by the time the draft rolls around next year, Shabazz's NBA comparison won't be MKG.

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The only thing these guys

The only thing these guys have in common is athleticism and intensity other than that shabazz has a WAY better jumpshot than mkg and his handles are superb for his age he's more comparable to James harden and a young Kobe Bryant

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How can Bazz

be a superb ball handler when he can only dribble with one hand? There are alot of things that Bazz does well, but thats not one of em

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Shabazz Comparison

I've only really seen him play at twice during Mcdonalds game and the Hoop Summit game but from what I saw his game was similar to D-Wade pre big 3. I saw this because like Wade he's not the tallest layer but he won't be undersized due to his build. Wade is around 6'4 and strong and Shabazz is 6'5 and has an NBA ready body. Both score most of their buckets inside and have big man qualities to go with their guard skills. Both are good offensive rebounders. Both can hit the jumper but not consistently and prefer to attack the basket and score using their strength, athleticism and strong finishes around the basket. This is just my opinion from what i've seen but I think comparing Shabazz to Wade is a better comparison to Harden who is more of a jump shooter and an old school scorer who is athletic, but doesn't use his athleticism as a bruiser like Wade and Shabazz do.

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I think the comparison was

I think the comparison was merely to say...think of the all around defensive specialist MKG...but the offensive version.

Would be cool to see both in Charlotte. I think they'd both compliment eachother fairly well. You know the Cats (I'm going to start calling them Cats from now on because of all the bad history that is attributed to the "Bobcats") are going to suckass next year so they should be in prime position to select Bazz.

If Bazz proves to be the #1 pick...well David Stern owes us one after this year...

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I personally think Shabazz

I personally think Shabazz will become the new leader of SG's when he comes to the NBA considering how weak that position is in todays game. I thought he was 6'6 though? oh well .. when i first saw his mixtapes way back i thought he was a big man lmao... he was just dunkin dunkin dunkin on vert and everything.. I think he'll go #1 followed by zeller (if he comes out) and Nerlens noel unless someone else shows out this year

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6'4.5 w/o shoes = 6'6 in

6'4.5 w/o shoes = 6'6 in shoes.

6'7 if he wears whatever Drummond was wearing at the combine hahaha

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