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And I'm not talking Muhammad . Napier trying to pull a Kenna. He has been awesome tonight!

Land of Grant
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Came back from a bruised shin

Came back from a bruised shin earlier in the night - total badass. 9-13, 25 points, 4-8 from 3, 5 rebs, 3 assists, 2 steals.

Nova's creeping up on them though - 1 minute mark now.

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I love him. I know he's not

I love him. I know he's not highly regarded as a prospect but I really hope he gets a chance to run a team at the next level. Love his heart. Love the way he rebounds for such a small guard. Kyle Lowry come to mind for the small guard with the rebounding prowess

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Bazz is a beast... If he can

Bazz is a beast... If he can lead them to the final 4 he prolly will be top 15-20 pick. Ala Kemba.. Bazz reminds me of Marbury, Lakers would be a great fit

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Napier is a great player.

Napier is a great player. Hope he pulls the Kemba.

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Even as a UConn guy I see

Even as a UConn guy I see Napier being more of a Mario Chalmers than a Kyle Lowry (Lowry has been criminally underrated in his pro career).

But that's still a starting caliber NBA PG. Hopefully he'll get back to his early career defense when he doesn't have to be the guy shouldering the scoring load.

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