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Anyone else think Baz shouldve gone to Kentucky? If anyone can handle the "knuckleheads" its Coach Cal...Also he wouldve gotten the green light to shoot, because Kentucky really needed his scoring ability this year. I think Coach Cal wouldve turned this guy into the #1 pick, like he often does.

Just a thought.

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Shabazz prob would of been a

Shabazz prob would of been a higher pick if he went to Kentucky. Ben Howland seems to laid back, I swear he was on the medical kush..

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Yea Cal would've at least

Yea Cal would've at least made it so that he doesn't look anxious to get the ball every possession... and by that I don't meant less aggressive.

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I respect shabazz for staying

I respect shabazz for staying west coast. But yes he would of been top1-2-3 at Kentucky because in cals system the best player gets the ball.
But for real. Everyone's on that medical grade these days

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Nope. Shabazz selfish ways


Shabazz selfish ways would have fit right into this years UK team and he would have been the same or worse.

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I think he benefited

He put up better numbers than he would have at UK. He would have had to share the ball. In the NBA I suggest he share it or sit.

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