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Shabazz reminded me of Kobe tonight. In a bad way. Shot 4-19 from the field in a loss to Washington State. I think he's pretty much mentally checked out at this point and just looking ahead to the draft. Thoughts?

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or maybe

he just had a bad game...

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Woolridge had 19 3 and 4,

Woolridge had 19 3 and 4, look out for him in the future.

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He obviously just had a bad

He obviously just had a bad game. You realize of course scouts are still watching him right?

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He hasn't been consistant

He hasn't been consistant lately, but many freshmen struggle with producing at a high level every game. Shabazz has a strong body, long arms and a good shot, all great traits that translate to the next level, but his shot selection is often pretty darn bad, and he hasn't been an efficient scorer for the latter half of the season. Every couple of games he'll show that he can be, but for the most part he is not. To be honest, his entire body of work the 2nd half of the year would incinuate he's in a bit of a slump, especially considering he was shooting 50 % FG and 50% 3 PT during the first 10 non-conference games. UCLA is a talented team, and I think he struggles from time to time trying to be ball dominant when he doesn't need to be. Bazz can take over a game, he's proven that, but he's also proved he can disrupt the rythm of his team trying to get his.

During 17 PAC 12 games he's averaging 17.2 ppg on 42% FG 38% FT

I just don't think he's that NBA ready 1st option many think he is, for that matter I don't think there are any guys in this draft ready to step in and be more than a 2nd or 3rd option.

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The thing about Shabazz is if

The thing about Shabazz is if he's not scoring, I don't know what else he brings to the court. He doesn't create for others, Im not sure how he is defensively but he makes little impact based on defensive statistics. When he's having a bad shooting night, he brings very little things to help you win besides scoring.

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