SG/SF Joe Ingles - FC Barcelona

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SG/SF Joe Ingles - FC Barcelona

This is amazing news for the growth of Australian basketball. This kid is a home grown Australian, came through the NBL(Australian League) as the Rookie of the Year, became NBL Champion two years later, and has since been developing his game in Europe for FC Barcelona.

6-8 216 lefty, good catch and shoot player. Quite athletic for his size. I believe he can be a very effective role player in the NBA. He is the type of player that is at his best when his shot is on, the level of confidence that comes with it, allows him to get good drives to the basket for crafty finishes. My wild guess, eventually turn into a T Prince type of player with a much better jump shot.

Its great news for him, he will take time to adjust to the NBA but will eventually play himself into a system oriented team as years go by in the NBA. Pacers and Grizzlies seems to be good long term fits, I do hope the Spurs, who have Australians in Mills and Baynes take a good look at time too.

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!!!

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I've read the Bucks have

I've read the Bucks have worked him out and are very interested...

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