seventh woods

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seventh woods

this guy has all the makings of a future all star, what does everyone think of him?

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Still so young, I mean he

Still so young, I mean he shows all the signs to be the next big thing but does anyone remember when Demitrius Walker was named the next Lebron by SI at a young age and never grew taller than 6'3 and didn't develop as expected. I hope he is but let's let him get his drivers license before he start calling him an all-star.

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He is ridiculously athletic

He is ridiculously athletic for his age but he is 14. He is so far physically past the kids he's playing it's laughable. We have no idea how he will develop. Give it a few years.

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The list of shoulda woulda

The list of shoulda woulda coulda's is too long to even list. Lenny Cooke was supposed to be the next one in a million can't miss talent. The hype surrounding young kids, middle schoolers, guys who are just freshman and sophomores in high school has gotten way out of control. Can we PLEASE hold off on mentioning these young kids and "all-star" in the same sentence?

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i'm a believer in seventh

i'm a believer in seventh woods. it's way to early to tell for sure, but i think he will be one of the top point guards in the league someday. his biggest obstacles will be how to bounce back from losing and how to handle a ton of hype at a young age, but then isn't that typically the biggest obstacles for players like him that are great really young? i would take him as a player right now over say ryan harrow. lol!

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I honestly was not impressed

I honestly was not impressed by his play at the U16s. He looked really tentative, like he was trying to be a pure point but didn't know how to. The athleticism that's on display in his mixes didn't show up, except on the defensive end where did a pretty good job. He simply wasn't aggressive enough attacking the defense. I mean through 5 games he took 1 free throw.

The tools are there (although his length is pretty average to below average for a point), but there are other kids in his class who have better skills than he has and are better at running an offense. Derryck Thornton, for example, is one of those kids IMO.

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Best poster on this website

Best poster on this website at it again...

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I think Seventh will remain

I think Seventh will remain among the top players in the country for the remainder of his high school career. He comes from an from a great family and is extremely humble.He doesn't take his new found celebrity for granted.He works out hard with his support system. I don't think he will get that much taller. He may max out at about 6'3 in sneakers so he will need to work on his PG skills. He just turned 15 this month. Already played up a year on the U16 national team.(He was the youngest on the team). I hope he can stay injury free and continue to do what he is doing. If he can develop legit PG skills,learn to slow down and control his athleticism,dribble lower on his moves and crossovers,get a consistent jumper then he will probably stay about top 15 in the 2016 class by the time he graduates. I won't speak on his NBA chances because it is to early to tell right now.

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