Seven up, Seven down

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Seven up, Seven down

Seven players going way too late in mock drafts who will exceed expectations:
1. Avery Bradley, Texas
2. Patrick Patterson, Kentucky
3. Gordon Hayward, Butler
4. Craig Brackins, Iowa State
5. Lance Stephenson, Cincinatti
6. Willie Warren, Oklahoma
7. Jordan Crawford, Xavier

Seven players going way too early in mock drafts who will perform below expectations:
1. Al-Farouq Aminu, Wake Forrest
2. Ed Davis, North Carolina
3. Derrick Favors, Georgia Tech (KG or Amare? No chance)
4. Gani Lawal, Georgia Tech (no skill at all)
5. Cole Aldrich, Kansas (you can get an Ostertag way later)
6. Elliot Williams, Memphis
7. Devin Ebanks, West Virginia

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Too Late, Exceed

Too Late, Exceed Expectations:
1. Paul George
2. Dominique Jones
3. Larry Sanders
4. Craig Brackins
5. Willie Warren
6. Lanece Stephenson
7. Devin Ebanks

Too Early, Below Expectations:
1. Derrick Favors
2. Ed Davis
3. Daniel Orton
4. Ekpe Udoh
5. Uhh...Thats all i got

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I Feel u on some but

Paul George is going to early and Favors to early as well...Sixers please don't draft him 2nd...You don't pass on Turner for a guy who won't produce for 2 or 3 years...Also George gets a lot of Love....seems ;like he's the guy everybody wants to see shine...Like it's a "I said it first" type of Thing...Buty also Hayward and Babbit should pick mid lotto to mid 1st...Babbit 9th and Hayward 10th is too high for them...Cole Picked anywhere near the Lotto is High IMO...6'10 centers...Not my brand of ball....

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Where is Whiteside, this guy has boom or bust (more likely bust) written all over him.

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