Seth Curry

I can't wait for Seth Curry to transfer to duke i would get a chance to see him more. And i could hope the knicks get a chance to draft him since they missed by one pick i hope they get a chance to pick up seth curry and then they will be A CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM with
Center David Lee,Darko Millic
Power Forward Jordan Hill,Jared Jeffries,Chris Wilcox
Small Forward Wilson Chandler,Danilo Gallinari
Shooting Gaurd Larry Hughes,Toney Douglas
Point Gaurd Seth Curry,Chris Duhon
and we could just forget about Lebron and build a Young Championship team like Chicago Bulls 2012=Championship team for New York and Donnie Walsh,Coach Mike Dantoni and New York fans and everybody in new york will be happy
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There is no way in hell that team would even be .500. Jordan Hill is a stiff, Hughes is nothing more than an expiring contract at this point in his career, and Seth Curry isn't as good as his big brother, and I have my doubts about Steph in the pros. If you're a Knicks fan, you had better start praying now that LeBron lied to Trevor Ariza and skips Cleveland for the Big Apple. Or at least get D-Wade.

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Plus, I dont think David Lee

Plus, I dont think David Lee will be in NY when Seth comes out. The Knicks would also have to re-sign Duhon, etc. Seth won't be in the draft for 3 years at least. He will be a good shooter, but he probably doesn't have the range that his brother has. IF the Knicks have this line-up, who is going to be their No.1 option on offense.

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Look into ur futue and see 2012 wooooooooooooooo

Easy David and Seth who else seth will be there steve nash just imagine or they might just get d-wade and trade larry and that could work it will be like baron davis and eric gordon or a derrick rose and ben gordon or a rodney stuckey and ric or jameer and carter or tony parker and manu even caron butler and gilbert that some great backcourt combonations

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