Seniors in 2014 Draft

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Seniors in 2014 Draft

I've read on several draft blogs and postings that say Russ Smith, CJ Fair, and Patric Young are first round picks. One scout said Patric Young won't get past 25, and another GM said Russ Smith is a first round lock. A few scouts say CJ Fair is in the top 5 NBA-ready prospects. Any thoughts, as the only one I even have on the First Round bubble is Fair. I have Young and Smith in the same range, between 40-55.

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would you take the time to post an article about CJ Fair, Patric Young, and Russ Smith being 1st round draft picks and CJ Fair being top 5 ready. I just don't get why you would do that....

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i posted on here a little while ago about russ smith

i was saying how i really like his game and that he has improved enugh from last year, proving he should be in the league, his size is a bit of an issue attacking the basket and what not can, but i love his game, really exciting too,

and for all that i got negged pretty good. this was about 2 weeks ago.

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CJ Fair

I am a Cuse homer (full disclosure) and think Fair is undervalued, but he is not a top 5 NBA prospect. I like his mid range game and ability to get to the rim and defend the SF position, but his long range jumper is suspect. But I love him as an early 2nd round guy who could stick in the league for awhile.

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i like all those guys, but

i like all those guys, but only cj fair has a shot in the 1st round. russ smith is a poor man's louis williams and may get drafted somewhere. patric young is a physical beast but his sport may be football. 6 rpg over 3 years just shows he doesn't have the motor or nose for the ball like a kenneth faried or even a reggie evans. don't think he'll get drafted.

i've always liked cj fair. guy has good size and athleticism for his position. i think he's going to wow everyone in the combine. he reminds me of james harden (when it come to his athleticism). everyone dogged harden about his athleticism going into the combine because he plays slow but then he put up some huge vert and agility numbers.

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Adreian Payne is one of the

Adreian Payne is one of the best players in the country. If my team had a pick in the middle of 1st round and landed him, I would be more than happy.

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Not everyone agrees with me

Not everyone agrees with me on this, but I think Russ Smith would be a good option in the late 1st round. He's tiny, I understand his defensive limitations, but he's so fast and I think he's going to have success scoring the ball in an NBA second unit.

So many late 1st round picks end up not making it anyway, I think a guy like Russ, who I feel, would be just as good of an option for a playoff team as a guy who may just collect dust on their bench for a year or two before being traded because they're too raw to contribute.

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