Seeing as there's no concensus #1

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Seeing as there's no concensus #1

If you take a look at who this website ranks as the top 10 players to be drafted, if you were a gm, wouldn't it scare you that only 4 of those players were on teams that were in the tournament and got out of the first round? Clearly its a team sport, but if I'm a gm and I'm not sure who to choose, I'd have to at least consider the fact that Bennett, Porter, Shabbazz and Smart, all players who have been mentioned as potential top 5 picks, couldn't help their teams get a win against much lower seeds, that would scare me. I love what Trey Burke is doing right now. He looks like a winner and he's getting the job done on the big stage. I love that!!!

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I think most people realize

I think most people realize that this year is not the year to find a franchise player in the draft. This is the year to draft a need and hope that you land one of the big names next year. If I was a team in the top 3-5, I would draft strictly off need. There is no "clear" best player in this draft. One could make an argument for Ben McLemore, but he's much too passive to be a star player (right now at least, he could easily become more aggressive once he gets in the league)

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I think teams should try to

I think teams should try to find a "core" guy. Build a team like the Nuggets or Grizzlies. Or even the Pacers.

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That's not a bad model to

That's not a bad model to follow and in truth it's likely the safest/best option for a lot of teams. There are only a handful of super stars and most of them migrated to large markets if they weren't drafted into one.

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I would trade out

And hopefully try to get more picks for next year. I mean even if you can't get Parker or randle i would still take 2 top 15 picks in next years draft and be ok

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more and more I believe only

more and more I believe only injury is the only factor Nerlens isn't a consensus top..

like someone said he has at least one ELITE aspect in his game..
and that aspect is a big part of basketball

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