The Second Tier

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The Second Tier

Roughly ten games into the season I wan to see who you all have as th he's player in the second tier. I think it is safe to assume the top six picks are going to be Wiggins, Embiid, Parker, Smart, Exum, and Randle in some order. So if you're the team with the seventh pick, who do you pick?

I'm taking James Young. He needs to add some muscle but I think he can become a 20+ point scorer and a plus defender. He has a great stroke, athletic, and lateral quickness. Definitely a future top five SG with Olidapo, Beal, Waiters, and Thompson. Aaron Gordon is the runner up.

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James Young

Obnoxiously, I think it totally depends on who is drafting at 7, but I think that James Young is a great choice at that spot. Maybe projecting him as a top 5 future shooting guard is a little premature but I think that Rodney Hood, Wayne Selden or, depending on how his season progresses Semaj Christon are all potential choices at that spot. The overall lack of depth league wide at the two guard spot does mean that Young and Selden would be my primary targets at 7. Aaron Gordon has elite level athleticism, but is physically stuck between positions and lacks the overall skill set to suceed at the 3... But a team with a need at the 4 and the time to develop him, like Boston or Philadelphia, could be well served taking Gordon, and working him into an attacking face up 4, like Kenneth Faried with a jumper.

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Aaron Gordon may be the best

Aaron Gordon may be the best option, although it is way too early to do anything more than predict who will look like the best prospect come draft time. Gordon's feel for the game has impressed me early on. Jabari Parker was pretty much shut down when Arizona stuck Gordon on him and Gordon appears to have the potential to play effectively at either forward position defending on the team. He really reminds me of Shawn Marion.

Gary Harris and Wayne Selden are also tremendously good prospects in my opinion. Harris has a nice balance between shooting and slashing and is a very high-floor player. Selden plays really undercontrol and has some impressive playmaking ability. If he can up his aggressiveness as a slasher, he could rise back up draft boards at the end of the season.

Jordan Adams is also a little bit of a sleeper prospect. He hasn't had the draft hype of many of the diaper dandies this year, but his production, scoring ability, and creativity with the ball in his hands may be too difficult to pass up come draft time. If he has a big tourney, he could be a late riser up boards when the preseason hype for some of the more explosive athletes in the class dies down. The 7th pick may be a little high for him, but he may surprise some people as the season goes on.

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i have two guys

I have two guys who I would draft at 7 1st would be Dario saric he can do everything well and would make an immediate impact. the 2nd person I would take at 7 is Gary Harris he reminds me of Bradley beal and will do very well in the right place.

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Pretty accurate thread,

Pretty accurate thread, Gordon, Young, and Saric will probably all contend for the #7 pick.

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Noah Vonleh might creep up

Noah Vonleh might creep up there too

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I was high on James Young

I was high on James Young early but he simply isn't getting it done, sitting at a miserable 12.3 PER and .470 TS. This guys high school stats were ridiculous.

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To me, Jabari and Wiggins and

To me, Jabari and Wiggins and the first tier, 2nd would be Embiid; Randle; Smart

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I am able to identify the

I am able to identify the first tier, jabari, Randle, Smart and Wiggins, thats it. All the other tiers is simply guessing based on all the draft and recruiting sites. But is is so early and most of the kids are so young, raw and simply right now are miles away from playing substantial minutes in the league.

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1.Parker 2.Smart

I beleive Jabari Parker would fit perfect with Utah and Marcus smart Would be perfect for the Bucks because the two most NBA ready Prospect I personally don't like Wiggins game it seems like he relys on all athletcism he will struggle next year in the NBA, and Randle has smillar game to Beasley my predictions is a good scorer in the NBA 17ppg 7reb. Embid is going to be good but it usually takes Centers a couple of years and i havent seen Exum play yet but im guessing he is going to another MCW. My 7th pick would be Aaron Gordon based on that fact he plays both sides of the ball and seems to have a good work ethic.

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