Seattle to build new NBA/NHL arena

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Seattle to build new NBA/NHL arena

Chris Hansen and the city of Seattle have reached an agreement on financing, and building a new sports arena that will potentially host an NBA team (who will probably be known as the Sonics) and/or an NHL team

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This is wonderful news, I

This is wonderful news, I love the idea of having more teams, but the problem I have is talent saturation. Back in the ol' days of the nba, there were around half of the teams we have today, so things were less perdictable. You didn't always have a given title winner like you have nowadays, where at the start of the season there is always 2-4 teams that are given to be champions. This lowers attendence in some places, and with these money hungry nba players who sign 80mil contracts when they average 20 and 10, it really will have an impact on the league. David Stern who ofcourse wants to make money will probably have problems with this and consider adding new teams very carefully. I like the influx of foreign talent, but we desperately need more franchise level talent that will buy tickets in cities where attendence is low. We're getting too many players out of the hood, who once they sign the contract lose work ethic, party, and spend more time deciding what to wear for the day than practicing.

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I am sure to get negs like crazy

But isn't this closing the barn door after the horse ran off.

1. Why do this now but not before team left????? Seattle really deserved to keep the Sonics.

2. Kansas City built an NBA quality arena with no promise of getting a team and that has NOT worked out.

3. I hope some one did a wink and nod to Seattle letting them know 100% they will get a team, if not why didn't the city just do this a few years back and keep the Sonics?

4. looking at the Thunder and thinking they could still be in Seattle had the city just built a new arena then.


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Tiberius, I completely

Tiberius, I completely disagree with you, except for this being wonderful news for Seattle.

First off, it seems like every other decade there’s been prohibitive favorites at the start of the year. Mikan’s Lakers, Russell's Celtics, Bird and Magic, Jordan’s Bulls. Only 6 different teams made the Finals in 2 different decades because of the dominance of the Lakers and Celtics. When two teams have over half the total championships, I doubt you can laud the old NBA for balance.

Money hungry players? Players don’t decide how much they make. Tell the money stupid GM's and owners to make better contract offers and stop overpaying for mediocrity.

Lastly your last sentence reeks of stereotypical classism. There are players from other places than the “hood” that don’t maximize their potential.

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